Looking to purchase the Ridge Wallet? I’ve got you covered with this review – let’s find out if it’s worth your money.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve cycled through countless wallets throughout your lifetime. It’s hard to find the perfect wallet that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing. 

After stumbling across the Ridge Wallet, I was pleasantly surprised – let’s dive in and see if it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Ridge Wallet Review: At a Glance

Design meets functionality, Ridge Wallet is a streamlined wallet for minimalists, giving you a sleek pocket for carrying cards and a designated space for cash. 

You can purchase the Ridge Wallet via Amazon here.

There’s no need for bulky compartments for storing millions of items that we barely even use. The Ridge Wallet is trendy with a beautiful design and made perfectly to fit inside your front pocket.

Ridge Wallet Review: In Detail 

Ridge Wallet

RFID Blocking

It’s becoming a standard for wallets to include built-in RFID Blocking features. Thankfully, the Ridge Wallet comes fully equipped with the feature so that all of your stored credit cards are protected while using it.

RFID Blocking technology prevents card readers from scanning your card information even while it’s in your pocket. 

Wireless theft is a growing trend because of accessible technology but the wallet guards against it. Since you can store up to a dozen cards in the Ridge Wallet, it’s excellent news for us all that everything will be secure.

So how does the RFID Blocking work? The Ridge Wallet includes two outer plates that function as blocking technology. With the durable metal plates, even the best RFID card readers can’t get through it.

The RFID blocking feature is included in every model of the Ridge Wallet. Whether you choose the lower-tiered aluminium version or any of the upgraded styles, each comes built-in with the blocking feature.

The Ridge Wallet has a perfect size to fit all credit cards perfectly. All cards (even when carrying the maximum that it will hold) are secured behind the protective metal plates. No part of the card sticks out, so there is no chance for it to be read. 

Many customers rave about the security they have when carrying the Ridge Wallet. Not having to worry about miscellaneous card readers scanning the wallet from inside your front pocket or purse always gives you some peace of mind as you travel with the card even in crowded areas.


Ridge Wallet

It’s time to toss your worn out tri-fold wallet in the trash and replace it for the Ridge Wallet. If you’re looking for something durable that will last for a long time, then the Ridge Wallet is the perfect wallet accessory.

When considering the durability and how long you’ll keep the wallet in use, it will pay for itself and more. You won’t have to worry about replacing the Ridge Wallet any time soon, thanks to its fantastic craftsmanship.

The Ridge Wallet comes in three different styles of metal – aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. The hard metal outer shell is protective of all of your cards stored within it and even able to sustain the wear and tear of daily use.

Carrying around the wallet in your pocket every day will surely have it banged up again other items or rubbing against loose change. You’ll find that the wallet doesn’t scratch easily, giving you months and even years of preserving the beautiful appearance.

The outer shells are attached to the inner plastic body via metal screws for added security – there are 14 screws total on the wallet to keep it intact. Cards are kept snug in the wallet between two plastic inner plates – the plates are beveled for easy access to inserting cards and taking them out.

The entire wallet is kept together by an elastic band. Other wallets have elastic bands, but the one used one the Ridge Wallet seems a lot more durable in supporting multiple cards or even just one card.

The overall sleek design is well constructed, and even after lots of use, you’ll barely see any evidence of age. And the best part is the lifetime warranty in case of any damage or lost screws (discussed below).

Money Clip vs. Money Strap

One of the more unique features of the wallet is being able to choose whether you want a money clip design or a cash strap design.

The Ridge Wallet is more than just a cardholder but also a place to keep your cash stored. You’ll have one convenient location for keeping everything money-related in your pocket. Not everyone prefers to carry cash the same way, so you can choose the wallet style that best fits with how you usually would carry it.

The money clip option is a tight clip attached to the back of the wallet. The Ridge Wallet money clip can hold several bills folded at once.

The money clip is well built onto the wallet to avoid losing any money in your pocket, or elsewhere. The clip rests right against the back of the wallet with a sturdy design that can’t be lifted unless you’re trying to do so. Whether you want to carry one bill or a small stack of bills, you can fit them within the clip and have easy access anytime you go to spend cash.

The best way to use the money strap is by folding your money two times so that it doesn’t extend further than the width of the wallet. We’re not in a cashless society just yet, so the money feature is a perfect addition to the Ridge Wallet that makes it even more attractive to use daily.

Notch Function

Ridge Wallet Gold

When you first lay your eyes on the Ridge Wallet, it might be a bit confusing about how to use it effectively for carrying multiple cards. The great thing about traditional wallets or another Ridge Wallet alternative is tiered card slots. You can easily see what cards you’re storing, and grabbing them is a breeze.

Ridge Wallet wanted to preserve the slim shape of the wallet, so all of your cards fit in line with each other tucked between the metal plates. So how do you grab (or find) what card you need?

The design of the wallet comes with a small notch on the bottom of it. When you insert cards into the wallet, the notch lets you push the cards up and out for easy access. Sure, storing one, or even two cards, is simple because you can grab either the front or the back card. But there are a few tricks for finding cards when you have multiple stored.

When you purchase the Ridge Wallet, one of the first things you’ll see during the glorious unboxing moment is a credit card-shaped instruction card with details on using the wallet.

The company-recommended method to find a card hidden in the middle is to push up the cards midway using the notch and squeeze the bottom of the wallet so that the cards fan out, giving you an excellent visual of everything you have stored.

Ridge Wallet: Technical Details 

Size & Weight:

Size86 x 54 x 6 mm
Weight2 oz

Materials & Color Options:

Aluminium ModelCarbon Fiber ModelTitanium Model
Black, Gunmetal, Raw, White, Rose Gold, Gold, OD Green, Tiki, Desert Tan, Navy, Tropical, CelesteForaged CarbonBurnt, Gunmetal, Matte Black, Matte Colbalt

Warranty Info

Ridge Wallet offers a lifetime warranty guarantee on the wallet and accessories purchased. All items must be in original condition without any unauthorized modifications and free from factory defects. The warranty excludes any issues such as scratches from regular use.

Practical Tips for Using the Ridge Wallet

The original packaging of the Ridge Wallet comes with a screwdriver, used for tightening up the screws of the wallet in case they begin to loosen.

Customers can purchase Ridge Wallet accessories online via Amazon or the official Ridge Wallet webstore. Accessories include replacement screws, money clip, money strap, or a screwdriver. The lifetime warranty guarantee covers any broken features of the wallet.

In case you want to use the Ridge Wallet without the money clip or the money strap, one trick is to unscrew the metal plate on the back with the money strap and reattach the plate with the strap tucked inside. You can easily replace the money strap in case you want the wallet back in the original form.

Although the wallet mentions using up to 12 cards, for the best functionality, I recommend storing between 8-10 cards at the max. You’ll maintain the sleek design while having easy access to every card. 

So Should You Buy The Ridge Wallet?

Whilst the Ridge Wallet is undoubtedly a premium purchase when it comes to wallets, I think that it’s definitely worth the money.

The Ridge Wallet includes everything you need in a wallet whilst leaving out everything you don’t. The result is a sleek wallet with added benefits such as durability and RFID protection.

Even after months of use, the wallet is still functional without having cards or cash falling out of it.

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