Looking for the best travel pants? I’ve got you covered with this handy guide to the very best pants you need for travelling.

Figuring out what to wear when travelling can be quite the task: you need practicality, comfortability, and potentially, style. This combination can be hard to come by – especially when it comes to travel pants. 

But there are a few travel pants on the market right now that have absolutely nailed it – there’s no need to compromise on comfort or style with these brilliant travel pants.


Best Travel Pants

MIER Women’s Quick Dry Cargo Pants

If you’re looking for a pair of effortlessly cool and practical travel pants for women, you need to check out the Mier cargo pants. These quick-drying cargo pants are designed to keep you cool when travelling. They have a zip fly, adjustable belt loops, side pockets, and drawstring leg opening.

These pants are perfect for those who want to stay cool while on holiday. They are made with a lightweight and stretchy material, meaning that they are easy to wear throughout the day, even in the heat. In fact, these pants have been specially treated to help prevent bacteria growth and odour.

As a bonus, these pants are also completely machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty during your trip. However, it is unlikely that you’ll have to do so because they work well to wick away moisture and keep you feeling cool and fresh. 

This pant comes in a variety of different colours including white, navy, khaki, olive, and grey – there are also many different sizes available, making them a great option for all gals! Thanks to their stretchy nature, they are also perfect for active women who like being comfortable whilst they explore. 

These pants are some of the best travel pants for women. They are extremely lightweight, allowing you to move around easily without feeling weighed down by your clothing. The material is also soft and comfortable against your skin. They kept me feeling super fresh in the heat! The zip pockets are also very useful for storing valuable items when travelling (e.g. passports). 


  • Machine Washable – these pants can be washed in cold water and dried in the tumble dryer. No worries about ruining your new outfit!
  • Soft & Comfortable Material -the material is gentle against your skin, meaning that you shouldn’t experience any discomfort or irritation.
  • Various Colours – you can choose between a variety of bright colours, which means that there should be something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Zip pocket – perfect for storing passports and other valuables as you travel.


  • Active-wear style – might not be for everyone. 

The North Face Men’s Sprag 5-Pocket Pants

For men who love to get outdoors and exercise, I recommend these travel pants. The North Face Men’s Sprag 5-Pocket Pants are ideal for active travellers who want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

They are made from Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) fabric that allows them to keep you as dry as possible. This makes them the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. It also makes them perfect for long and arduous journeys as you travel across the country or the world

They come in a wide range of different colours including black, grey, blue, red, green, and orange. You can also find different sizes available, including those that cater to different heights, meaning that you won’t have trouble finding one that fits perfectly.

Additionally, thanks to their stain-resistant properties, these pants are also great for the messiest of travellers. They are made with premium ingredients that ensure they withstand the test of time, regardless of how many times you get them muddy or spill something on them. 

My partner really enjoyed wearing these pants. They were comfortable enough to wear throughout the day but still looked fashionable. One of the best things about them was how well they held up through the wash and drying process – they didn’t lose shape or shrink after multiple wears.  


  • Stain Resistant – the material used in these pants is stain resistant, so it’s safe to say that they’ll hold up well over time.
  • Durable Water-Repellent Fabric – the fabric used in this product is durable and waterproof, making them perfect for travel. 
  • Easy To Clean – it’s simple to remove stains with soap and water.
  • Multiple Sizes Available – there are many sizes available, giving you plenty of options depending on what size or length you prefer.


  • Limited Colours – only a few colour choices are offered.
    No Zip Pocket – while there are front pockets included, there are no zip pockets. 

Columbia Men’s Hiking Trousers 

If you’re looking for a pair of trousers that will keep you warm and dry during your travels, then Columbia Men’s Hiking Trouser is the right choice. These trousers are designed specifically for hikers and campers, providing protection against the elements. 

The material used in these trousers is 93% Polyester and 7% Elastane, which means that they are extremely lightweight, breathable, and super flexible. They also provide excellent insulation, making it perfect for colder climates. In addition, it has been treated with an anti-microbial finish, which keeps bacteria at bay.

These trousers include Omni-Heat Thermal Technology. This works to reflect body heat to ensure you remain at an appropriate temperature. They also have Omni-Shield Technology which works to help wick away moisture, keeping you completely dry and comfortable as you explore. 

The trouser features a drawstring waistband, allowing you to adjust the size according to your needs. It comes in a variety of different colours, including white, khaki, navy, olive, and brown. You can also choose between two lengths; regular and long. 

These trousers are incredibly versatile, with reviewers raving about them. The drawstring waistband makes them easy to put on and take off, and the Omni-heat technology ensures that you stay warm even when temperatures drop. 


  • Lightweight & Flexible Material – the material used in this product is lightweight and flexible, ensuring that it won’t weigh you down and cause discomfort.
  • Anti-Microbial Finish – the material used in the trouser is treated with an antibacterial finish, preventing bacteria from growing within the garment.
  • Omni-Heat Technology – this technology helps to reflect body heat back into your body, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Omni-Shield Technology – this technology works to wick away moisture, leaving you completely dry and comfortable.


  • Not Suitable For Extreme Cold Weather – although the material used in these trousers does provide excellent insulation, it isn’t suitable for extreme cold weather.

Berghaus Men’s Ortler 2.0 Walking Trousers 

These Berghaus Men’s Ortler 2.0 walking trousers are ideal if you want something that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable throughout your travels. They are a super comfortable and very affordable option – definitely among the best travel pants for men.

They feature a durable polyester blend fabric, which is both highly breathable, water-resistant, and ultra-lightweight. This means that it dries quickly and easily, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet or freezing. 

The trousering is made using a flatlock construction, which creates a strong seam that lasts longer than traditional stitching. This means that you get a more secure fit and feel less likely to develop any rips or tears. 

The sizing of these trousers is great. You can choose from three different lengths and a number of different waist sizes. As such, there should be a size for everyone! You can also wear a belt with these trousers. 

These trousers perform well during hikes. The fabric is extremely lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh you down. It also provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm and dry. In addition, the flatlock seams mean that they last much longer than other types of seams, and they are therefore more reliable. 


  • Durable Polyester Blend Fabric – the fabric used in this trouser is extremely durable, meaning that it will last longer than most other fabrics.
  • Flatlock Seams – these trousers have flatlock seams, which create a stronger and more durable seam.
  • Lightweight & Breathable – the material used in these trousers is extremely lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for hiking trips.


  • Not Adjustable Waistband – although the trousers feature a belt loop, it isn’t adjustable.

Regatta Men’s Highton TRS Trousers 

If you’re looking for a pair of trousers that offer excellent value for money, then look no further than the Regatta Men’s Highton trousers. They come in two different colours (black and beige) and they tread the line between smart and practical. 

As such, they make a great pair of trousers for travelling. Thanks to the Iso-flex full active Stretch fabric, you will have a full range of movement and feel comfortable wearing them for hours on end. It is also highly breathable, so it won’t make you hot and sweaty while you’re out on your travels.

Unlike other travel and hiking pants, these ones are rather sleek looking. If you’re looking for a pair of trousers that you can wear during your travels and then to dinner in the evening, these are the trousers for you. 

The trousers feature a zip pocket, which allows you to keep your belongings super safe at all times. There are four pockets in total, so you have more than enough space to hold all of the necessary items (passport, ID, wallet, etc). 

These trousers are great for everyday use when you travel. They are comfortable, stylish, and functional. They are suitable for all sorts of activities, from running errands around town to going camping or hiking. I would recommend these trousers to anyone who wants a pair of trousers that are versatile and smart.


  • Iso-flex full active Stretch fabric – the fabric used to construct these trousers is very flexible.
  • Breathable – these trousers will keep you cool. 
  • Four Pockets – there are four pockets included, with one inside pocket and three exterior pockets.


  • No Insulation Layer – the trousering does not include an insulating layer, which means that it may get cold if you’re planning on doing any long-distance walking.

Trespass Men’s Passcode Insect Repellent Pants 

Travelling should be a fun experience – especially when you’re exploring some gorgeous wildlife or a country you’ve never been to before. However, I know the pain associated with being the object of every mosquitoes’ desire. 

If you want a pair of trousers that will protect you against bugs, then look no further than the Trespass Men’s PassCode insect repellent trousers. They have been specially designed to keep you protected from insects.

They are made from 95% polyamide and 5% elastane combo, which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. They also feature a mesh lining, which keeps you dry and comfortable even when you’re sweating profusely.

These trousers are ideal for those who love outdoor sports, as they are designed to withstand the elements. You’ll also find that these trousers are easy to wash and maintain. There are very few cons associated with this option! 

They are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone who loves being outdoors and needs protection from the elements. They also come with 4 particularly safe pockets so you don’t need to worry about losing your belongings. 


  • Mesh Lining – this ensures that you stay dry and comfortable.
  • 95% Polyamide 5% Elastane – the material used to make these trousers is extremely soft, durable, and stretchy. 
  • Pockets – feel safe and secure. 


  • Sportswear – these trousers look like sportswear, so may not be appropriate for all travel. 

 The North Face Women’s Trekker Convertible Pant

The North Face Women’s Trekker Convertible Pant is a perfect travel pant. It comes in two different colours, beige and brown, and has been designed to be both functional and fashionable. The main features of these pants are their versatility, comfort, durability, and practicality.

These are convertible pants, meaning that they can be worn either as regular pants or as shorts. If you are travelling from a cool region to a warm one, or your temperature fluctuates regularly, these pants are perfect for you. 

They are made from 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane, making them very breathable, stretchy, and lightweight. As such, they are a great option if you enjoy walking or hiking, or even if you value a very practical pair of pants on a day-to-day basis. 

Unfortunately, the available sizes are limited. However, they do come with belt loops, so you can wear a belt with a larger size if necessary. When worn as shorts, these pants are the perfect length! They are short enough to provide relief from the heat, but long enough to be modest. 

I really like how versatile these pants are. I found that they fitted me well, and were comfortable to wear. I did feel that the fabric could have been a little softer, but overall, I thought it was a great value for money. 


  • Convertibility – These pants are designed to convert into a pair of shorts. 
  • 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane – these are very stretchy and comfortable. 
  • Breathability – the fabric used to create these pants is highly breathable, ensuring that you remain fresh throughout the day. 


  • Limited Sizes – there are only 5 sizes available. 

Best Travel Pants: Buyer’s Guide 

I know that travelling can be a stressful time. In addition to making sure that you are equipped with all of the necessary documents and items that you need, you also need to think about what to wear. 

These are things to look out for when you’re buying travel pants…


First of all, one of the things that I personally value most in a pair of travel pants is good pockets. When travelling, you need quick access to important documents and your valuables. As such, I recommend opting for a pair of trousers that have multiple pockets, or those that boast zip pockets. 

With these features, you will feel safe knowing that everything you need is both within reach, and safe on your person at all times. If this is important to you, I recommend searching specifically for cargo pants that come with multiple closed pockets. 


When travelling or engaging in any kind of outdoor activity, it is important that your clothing keeps you safe from the elements. Even if you are travelling to a warm region, I still recommend opting for a pair of travel pants that are at least water-resistant. 

Wearing a water-resistant or water-proof pair of travel pants will ensure that you dry quickly, are comfortable, and stay at a safe temperature if the weather turns. Most good-quality hiking and travel pants will include some level of waterproofing, but you should always check. 


Regardless of what kind of travelling you will be doing, it is integral that you wear breathable clothing. This will ensure that you don’t overheat, and that your clothes remain feeling fresh for as long as possible. 

Keep an eye out for trousers that are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, or linen. These materials tend to be the most breathable and comfortable for travelling purposes. 


When travelling, in addition to staying at a safe temperature, it is also necessary that you stay as dry and comfortable as possible. If you are travelling a long distance, or you are hiking for some of the distance, you will need trousers that are moisture-wicking. 

Moisture-wicking materials work to ensure that any sweat or moisture is removed from your skin as quickly as possible. In turn, this helps to regulate your body temperature and ensures that you remain feeling fresh all day. 


When you’re travelling, you will likely be trying to handle a lot of luggage and move quickly through transport stations. As such, the best travel pants are those that are flexible. When you are travelling or hiking, you need a full range of movement. 

Wearing restrictive clothing will only make your travel experience far more frustrating than it needs to be. I recommend opting for a pair of travel pants that have a polyester/elastane blend. This combination will ensure that you can move as freely as you need. 


If you are travelling to an area that has a lot of insects, it will be beneficial for you to purchase a pair of insect-repellant travel pants. These will minimise the chance of you being bitten as you travel, which can be quite dangerous depending on where you are. 


If you’re a fashionista, don’t worry – I promise, you don’t have to compromise style comfortability and practicality. There are many options available out there. Travel pants come in different shapes, styles, and colors.

In cases such as these, I recommend either a pair of linen pants or a pair of yoga pants. Both are super comfortable and breathable, but they can both be styled and dressed up to look very stylish and fashionable.

Best Travel Pants Frequently Asked Questions

What are Travel Pants?

The best pants for travel are considered to be a type of pants that are specifically designed for travelers. They tend to be more durable than regular jeans and are usually made from cotton, polyester, nylon, or other materials. They also need to be comfortable and practical.

How do I Style Travel Pants?

Styling travel pants couldn’t be easier – you just need to find the right pair of pants that suits your needs and preferences. Travel pants also look great as a part of a sporty look. Specifically, they look great with boots or hiking shoes with an oversized t-shirt or jumper on the top.

What are the Benefits of Travel Pants?

There are several reasons why people love to wear travel pants. Some of them include: 
– They are easy to pack and take along when going on vacation 
– They are versatile and can easily be worn on any occasion 
– They are extremely comfortable and durable 
– They are perfect for outdoor activities

Are Travel Pants Worth It?

I think so! If you’re considering buying travel pants, then you should know that they are definitely worth it. Why? Because they make the travelling experience much more enjoyable. They ensure that you are totally comfortable and cool as you travel, in addition to potentially providing a number of safe places to hold your valuable items. 

Additionally, travel pants are incredibly convenient and versatile. In addition to being perfect for travel, these pants can be worn on casual occasions – i’ve even been known to turn up to the pub in a pair.

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