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One of Asia’s most popular travel destinations, Thailand bustles with life.

Walking shoulder to shoulder in crowded areas thrumming with tuk-tuks and motorbikes weaving their way between people, chowing down on spicy food, drenching yourself in the sunshine on a postcard-perfect beach – if you’re looking for an experience, it’s there for the taking.

Add to this breathtaking landscapes, Buddhist temples, ruins and gorgeous coastlines and you’ll start to understand why Thailand is such a popular destination.

Not sure where to start? Here are my picks for the best things to do in Thailand or start with these Southeast Asia travel itineraries. 

The Best Places to Travel in Thailand


With over 30 beaches to choose from, Phuket isn’t short on spots to bed down, cocktail in hand to indulge in some serious, unfettered relaxation.

You’re never going to struggle when it comes to finding places to stay in Phuket:  popular beaches include Patong Beach, Kata, Karon and Kamala, but if you’re looking for something a little less busy, then I would head north to find some quainter areas, ideal for a romantic beach date.

Want to bring a taste of the island home at the end of your trip? Don’t miss this stellar cooking class in Phuket.


If you’re remotely greedy (like me), Bangkok is the culinary heaven you’ve been waiting to discover all your life.

I’ve never come across a city that puts the taste in street food quite like Bangkok – everywhere you turn, streetside stalls and mini-restaurants are wafting out smells that are too tempting to resist.

But Bangkok is more than a chance to please your stomach. It’s heady, hectic and unforgettable. The people of Bangkok rarely take themselves too seriously and are always up for having a laugh, regardless of the language barrier.

Of course, there’s tons to see in Bangkok, including temples, floating markets and the general hustle and bustle of areas like Chinatown.

Chiang Mai

This chilled out, attractive city in the north of Thailand is the quieter alternative to Bangkok. It’s the second largest city in Thailand and is steeped in friendly, welcoming charm which makes you feel right at home.

While it might be a bit more chilled, there’s no shortage of things to do in Chiang Mai – start by exploring the vast, colorful markets or enjoy some outdoor activities. You can also check out the ornate Buddhist temples, I mean, there are only 300 of them to choose from!

Of course, the food is a treat: this is the place to explore Northern Thai cuisine, which is distinctly different from the dishes you find further south.


If you’re a thrill seeker and love to climb, then Railay is the place to go.

Perched on the edge of the Andaman sea, few climbing destinations boast such stunning views.

Not into rock climbing? Fret not. Railay’s chilled vibe, sunset bars and pretty beaches are something of a winning combination. Just trust me and go.


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