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Morocco Travel Guides

Morocco travel guides to inspire your next trip.

Morocco is a traveller’s dream. Set in North Africa, with cities steeped in history, sublime mountainous skylines and stretches of golden desert sand. It’s the perfect location to get those Instagrammable photos that’ll fill everyone with travel envy.

The streets are filled with rich diversity and activity and there’s is an undeniable sense of charm. Whether your idea of fun is sipping a coffee in a quaint cafe or trekking through the desert, there’ll be something for you in Morocco. Here are some of the best places you can visit on your trip.

The Best Places to Travel in Morocco


Marrakech invites you into a sensory experience. Wander around streets filled with ancient architecture and the Islamic call to prayer resonates through the streets.

Check out the Ben Youssef Mosque and its intricate Islamic design. Bahia Palace is also worth a visit to see an example of the finest North African architecture.

Of course, you can’t come to Marrakesh without doing a spot of shopping. Shopping is another highlight of this vibrant city, whether you’re looking for aromatic North African spices, carpets or clothes, you’ll find it in the streets of Marrakech.


Morocco’s former capital is still a prime location to visit as Fez teens with vibrancy and life. The smell of deep, warm spices stain the air and the sounds of the bustling medina add to the wonderful chaos.

Within the medina, you’ll find sumptuous food, plenty of things to buy and beware, sometimes you can find livestock strolling along beside you.

Visit the Chouara Tannery to get some insight into the culture and explore the behind the scene action of dying hides and skins. Despite it sounding slightly gruesome, the vats of coloured liquid are actually rather pretty (albeit smelly)!


In comparison to Fez and Marrakech’s cacophonous soundscapes, Essaouira is a moment’s peace away from the chaos.

Essaouira translates to ‘little picture’ in Arabic – you’ll understand why once you see its picturesque scenery and colours.

Essaouira’s medina, whilst busy, does not compare to the heaving streets of Marrakech. If you swing by in the Summer (June/July), don’t miss the annual Gnaoua World Music Festival which brings in plenty of visitors every year.

Don’t be fooled by its picturesque exterior – Essaouira is packed with things to do and see and is the perfect destination for a long weekend.

Not quite your thing? There’s a variety of gallery and boutiques to explore, or you can shop around the medina.

The Atlas Mountains

This famous mountain range is a great escape from the city life below and provides a natural escape from the busy streets of nearby Marrakesh.

You can choose to go hiking in the gorgeous Atlas mountains to explore the breathtaking landscape on offer.

Alternatively, try your hand at mountain biking or rock climbing to get your fill of thrills.


Whilst Casablanca may have as much charm as cities like Marrakesh, it represents a modern Morocco, where the young creatives flock to. So much is changing in Casablanca, but it still maintains some of its classic architecture, like the Mauresque building. Casablancas growing industry and business tell tales that the ‘time they are a changin’.


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