The Best Wheeled Backpacks: Rated & Reviewed

Struggling between deciding whether to drag a stuffed suitcase or bear the weight of a bumpy backpack while travelling from A to B? A wheeled backpack is a perfect solution. We’ve tried and tested the best wheeled backpacks to help you make the right choice for your next adventure.

The Best Wheeled Backpacks: At A Glance

  • Osprey Sojourn 80
  • Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 Laptop Backpack
  • Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible Travel Backpack
  • Osprey Ozone 36
  • Dakine Sherpa Roller 60
  • Osprey Meridian 75
  • Trespass Eldorado Rolling Backpack
  • Vango Escape 60 + 20L Roller Rucksack
  • Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track 75
  • Lowe Alpine Trolley AT Roll-On

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Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 Laptop Backpack

Second on our list of the 10 best backpacks with wheels for travel is the Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 Laptop Backpack.

With a five star rating, the Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 offers travellers ease and comfort with its padded, nylon arms and adjustable pull-along handle.

We’ve picked this as one of the best backpacks with wheels for travel as it is also incredibly lightweight. Measuring approximately fifty four centimeters by forty centimetres, it is also suitable as a carry-on.

Designed mainly for business travellers, the Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 wheeled backpack has several zip up laptop, mobile, and tablet compartments.

With the extra accessory pockets and pouches placed all over the bag, the Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4 is a great backpack with wheels for travel, thanks to its sectioned interior that helps to keep your belongings organised while on your travels.

This wheeled backpack is also highly rated for its longevity with reviews boasting years of use with little to no wear.

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Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible Travel Backpack

The Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible Travel Backpack is another on our list of the top 10 wheeled backpacks for its practical, carry-on size, range of adjustable handles and straps, and simple design.

Priced slightly cheaper than the Osprey Sojourn 80 and the Samsonite Pro-Dlx 4, the Eagle Creek Expanse suitcase backpack is suitable for all of your travel needs without breaking the budget.

This convertible travel suitcase can be quickly transformed into a lightweight backpack by zipping on a set of padded straps (that can just as easily be removed.)

The Eagle Creek Expanse Travel Backpack also has a hip belt to help spread the weight of your belongings while travelling hands free.

With several separate compartments ranging from the size of your mobile to the length of a laptop, the Eagle Creek Expanse Travel Backpack is one of the best wheeled backpacks to take with you on your next trip.

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Osprey Ozone 36

Sized perfectly to take with you as a carry-on, the Osprey Ozone 36 is one of our favourite wheeled backpacks.

While this suitcase backpack may be on the smaller side, there’s plenty enough space for a weekend’s worth of belongings combining the exterior pockets and inside room. If you’re used to travelling light, you can easily travel with the Osprey Ozone for longer periods of time.

The Osprey Ozone 36 not only has a tall, extendable, ‘T’ shaped handle, but also has adjustable, padded shoulder straps for when you want to switch the suitcase into a backpack.

With its selection of multiway handles, reasonable space, and compact design, the Osprey Ozone 36 is the ideal carry-on wheeled backpack for short stays.

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Dakine Sherpa Roller 60

The Dakine Sherpa Roller has earned its spot on our list of the 10 best convertible suitcase backpacks for its functionality as both a spacious suitcase and backpack.

This 60-litre backpack measures approximately 61 centimetres x 33 centimetres.  The Dakine Sherpa Roller is the ideal size for storing your belongings while travelling for several weeks. This suitcase backpack also has several large pouches and hidden pockets for dividing your luggage.

As a suitcase, the Dakine Sherpa Roller has a retractable handle and set of urethane wheels, once the straps have been zipped on with both the chest harness and hip belt clipped in place you’ll be able to travel hands free.

The only con to the Dakine Sherpa Roller as a wheeled backpack is that the bag itself is already fairly heavy (at 3.6kg) so you’ll need to be slightly wary of overstuffing your suitcase.

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Osprey Meridian 75

The Osprey Meridian 75 wheeled backpack, with its choice of pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and suitcase handle, and long lasting design, is one of the best bags to bring with you while travelling.

Besides the ease of attaching and detaching the padded backpack straps, the Osprey Meridian 75 offers lots of storage with zip up pockets and pouches ideal for tucking away any valuables.

When using the Osprey Meridian 75 as a suitcase you’ll find the wheels are able to roll smoothly across most surfaces while as a backpack the range of straps and hip belt balance out the weight of the bag.

Not only is the Osprey Meridian 75 very attractive, but this backpack with wheels is designed to be incredibly durable with reviews claiming years of use.

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Trespass Eldorado Rolling Backpack

The Trespass Eldorado Rolling Backpack as the easiest in terms of converting the case from a suitcase to a backpack, and also one of the cheapest on this list.

With thick, padded arm straps already attached to the bag, you need only to pull on the retractable, suitcase handle to transform the backpack into a case.

With a capacity of around thirty six litres, the Trespass Eldorado suitcase backpack is the perfect size for a carry-on while travelling by plane. While the case may be slightly small, there are plenty of zip up pockets on the exterior and in the interior of the backpack.

The Trespass Eldorado Rolling Backpack, although functioning better as a backpack, offers travellers the choice of pulling a suitcase or carrying a backpack while taking a short break away from home.

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Vango Escape 60 + 20L Roller Rucksack

Not only does the Vango Escape 60 + 20 store up to sixty litres worth of belongings, but also comes with a detachable twenty litre daypack. This nifty feature puts it firmly on our list of the best backpacks with wheels for travel.

While you have the option of pulling the suitcase by a sturdy, T shaped handle, the Vango Escape Roller Rucksack also comes with padded shoulder straps and a hip belt for carrying the bag on your back. This convertible suitcase backpack also has a handy side handle that makes it easier to quickly grab the bag when on the move.

Inside the Vango Escape Roller Rucksack, you’ll find several mesh pockets, pouches, and places to store items such as laundry or any gadgets you’ve decided to bring with you.

This wheeled backpack can be buckled, clipped, and zipped to secure all of your belongings safely along with providing comfort while using the case as either a roller or rucksack.

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Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track 75

The Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track 75 very much deserves a space on our list of the top wheeled backpacks.

With storage space boasting seventy-five litres in capacity, the Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track also has a detachable day bag that can be clipped on and off depending on how you wish to carry the cases.

While as a suitcase the Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track has a retractable handle with oversized wheels suitable for all surfaces, this case can quickly transform into a backpack with adjustable, padded straps and a padded hip belt.  

With an assortment of compartments and zip up pockets, the Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track offers travellers plenty of space to organise and tuck away their belongings securely.

Although the case itself is too big to take as a carry-on, the Caribee Travel Duffle Fast Track is rated highly for its comfort, ease of movement, and sizeable interior – making it an excellent choice of backpack with wheels for your travels.

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So there you have it… the best backpacks with wheels for travel guaranteed to make your journeys a little smoother on your next trip. Read more travel gear guides.

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