Whether you are a frequent or occasional traveler, your luggage is something you’ll want to take care of, which is why luggage tags are an essential piece of your travel kit. Even cabin bags can end up in the hold these days on crowded and popular flights.

A travel tag will not prevent your bag from getting lost or misdirected. But it can make it easier to track down and identify should this happen.

We’ve rated and reviewed some of the best luggage bag tags out there to help you keep track of your possessions on the move.

Best Luggage Tags

Dynotag Deluxe Steel Recovery Tag

Our pick as the best QR code luggage tag, the Dynotag Deluxe Steel Recovery Tag is small, discreet and easily traceable.

Easily activated by creating a free account on Dynotag.com, the unique QR code assigned to each Dynotag will link to your personal information.

The Dynotag will only show the information you choose to link to it and will also automatically register any view or scan, from any device to the Dynotag website. This functionality allows you, as the owner to track and locate it, as well as see if it has been scanned.

The tag itself contains no electronics, every time the QR code is scanned, the device used is logged by the Dynotag website.

The Dynotag is extremely durable, measuring 65mm (2.5 inches) in diameter and made from steel. The tough, braided stainless steel loop is fastened with a screw closure. This closure can be further secured with superglue to help prevent unwanted removal.

Simplicity, durability and ease of use – these factors make the Dynotag Smart Recovery Tag our choice as best QR code luggage tag.

Dynotag Smart Recovery Tag: Pros

  • Reliability, no electronics or batteries
  • High-quality materials
  • Stainless steel loop

Dynotag Smart Recovery Tag: Cons

  • Relies on being scanned
  • No provision to include personal details

Dynotag Convertible Smart Recovery Tag

For the ultimate all-rounder, our choice of best personalised metal luggage tag is the Dynotag Convertible Smart Recovery Tag.

Using the same technology as the regular Dynotag Smart Recovery Tag, the Convertible looks more like a conventional luggage tag with space for a business card or address info.

Measuring approximately 10 x 6cm (4 x 1.5 inches), the aluminium Dynotag Convertible is printed on one side with the QR code and unique web address. The other side has a window to display a standard-sized business card or other personal details.

We liked the braided stainless steel loop, with screw-connector, giving great strength and durability when attached to your bag.

The tracking technology is that same as the Dynotag Smart Tag.  You register your details to the QR code and unique web address making the tag yours. Any time the QR code is scanned, or the unique web address is visited, the device used and its location is logged.

The Dynotag Convertible is not only a good quality, durable metal luggage tag, but the Smart Tag technology and traceability really adds an extra level of security. For this reason it is our choice as best personalised metal luggage tag.

Dynotag Convertible Smart Recovery Tag: Pros

  • Durable metal construction
  • QR and conventional written identification
  • Stainless steel loop

Dynotag Convertible Smart Recovery Tag: Cons

  • Quite large
  • Relies on being scanned

LifeTrak Trackdot GPS Luggage Tracker

For complete peace of mind and the ability to track your luggage or bag in real-time, then you should consider a GPS tracker.

We’ve chosen the LifeTrak Trakdot as best GPS luggage tracker for its handy size, durability and battery life.

Measuring 7.6 x 5.7 x 1.9cm (3 x 2.5 x ¾ inches) and weighing 340g, the Trackdot is intended to be packed in your bag, not attached to it. The device is powered by two AA batteries and uses mobile/GSM signals to track and communicate with your phone via a dedicated app.

To activate the Trackdot, we simply had to insert the batteries (included), then register and install the app. The Trackdot includes a neat feature -it automatically shuts down when in an aeroplane hold. This not only means it complies with regulations regarding mobile devices on flights, but that it also preserves and extends battery life.

What exactly are the tracking features? You can check where the device (and your luggage) is at any time using the app or the Trackdot website. The Trackdot also will send you a notification on arrival. It can even be connected via bluetooth to let you know when your bag is close.

One thing worth considering with the Trackdot is that you will need to pay an annual subscription for the service. This is a reasonable £17.50 ($20), but worth bearing in mind.

The purchase price includes the first year’s subscription, plus a set of batteries.

Speaking of batteries, it’s always worth using a fresh set for each journey.  We used a Trackdot on a 30 hour journey with new, brand-name batteries and it was fine.

LifeTrak Trackdot GPS Luggage Tracker: Pros

  • Truly trackable in real-time
  • Notifications via app
  • ‘In-bag’ usage more discreet

LifeTrak Trackdot GPS Luggage Tracker: Cons

  • Not a luggage tag in the traditional sense
  • Relatively expensive
  • Annual subscription

Travelon Luggage Tags x2

Time to leave technology behind and get back to basics.

In its simplest form, a luggage tag should be durable and easy to identify as yours.

These Travelon luggage tags are our choice for best luggage tags with a plastic cover due to the huge range of fun and bright colors.

The range of designs is so broad, the chances that someone else has the same design in the same time and place as you are really slim.

Sold as a set of two, the Travelon tags measure 10.2 x 6.4cm (4 x 2.5 inches) and feature a funky design on one side. There’s a covered slot for a business card or address details on the other. The strap is a durable, flexible plastic, secured by a plastic buckle.

Cheap, durable, easy to identify and fun. The Travelon luggage tags are our pick as the best luggage tags with a plastic cover.

Travelon Luggage Tags: Pros

  • Cheap
  • Simple, fun designs
  • Durable

Travelon Luggage Tag: Cons

  • A basic luggage tag
  • Quite easily removed
  • Cannot be tracked

Renegade Adventurer Travel Tags With Privacy Cover x2

These ‘indestructible rubber’ tags from Renegade Adventurer are our choice of best sturdy luggage tags due to a number of neat features.

First up, that ‘indestructible rubber’. Whilst we are sure it’s not actually indestructible, it is flexible, waterproof and resilient enough to survive pretty much anything a baggage handler can dole out.

Team this material with a braided stainless steel loop with a screw fastening. Plus the unique cover for your personal details and you have a seriously sturdy and secure luggage tag.

Measuring 12 x 6.5cm (4.5 x 6.5 inches) and coloured bright orange, these tags are easy to spot and identify. Although they can’t fit a business card, the pack of two Renegade Adventurer tags come with 10 personal ID cards which slot easily in place.

So, if you are looking for a tough, easy to spot luggage tag that doesn’t display your personal information to the world, then we don’t think you can go wrong with the Renegade Adventurer.

The super-tough rubber construction, stainless steel loop and privacy flap make this our choice as best sturdy luggage tag.

Renegade Adventurer Rubber Tags: Pros

  • (Almost) indestructible design
  • Privacy cover
  • Bright and easily spotted

Renegade Adventurer Rubber Tags: Cons

  • Cannot fit a business card
  • Needs to be opened to view personal details
  • Not trackable

Samsonite Luxury Leather Luggage Tags x 2

Finally, let’s pimp things up a bit with these luggage tags from one of the most famous luggage brands, Samsonite.

If you are looking for some great quality luggage tags, then these understated beauties from Samsonite are our pick for the best luxury leather luggage tags.

They come as a set of two tags in either black, navy blue, or dark red.  They are embossed with the Samsonite logo. Featuring a durable genuine leather strap and a metal buckle they are further enhanced with a privacy cover. Great if you don’t want everyone seeing your personal details.

During our research for this feature, we looked at a number of luxury leather tags and found numerous prestigious and eye-wateringly expensive choices.

We chose these Samsonite ones because they are well made, come with a two-year warranty, yet are affordably priced. We like the understated looks and privacy cover (you need to unbuckle them to open the cover).

Measuring approximately 10 x 6.5 cm (4 x 2.5 inches), these tags will accommodate a business card with some slight trimming. Alternatively, you can use the supplied address card.

The combination of the well-respected Samsonite brand, discreet good looks and reasonable cost makes these our pick as best luxury leather luggage tags.

Samsonite Leather Luggage Tags: Pros

  • Samsonite brand
  • Discreet looks with privacy cover
  • Reasonable price

Samsonite Leather Luggage Tags: Cons

  • Not so easy to spot as brighter, more individual tags
  • Must be removed to view personal details
  • Not trackable

Need to Know: How to Choose the Best Luggage Tags

Types of Luggage Tags

Smart Tags

We are not talking appearance here, but technology. A smart luggage tag contains unique coding, allowing you to track it anywhere in the world using GPS.

Some of these tags send their own GPS signal, whilst others simply use a QR code to allow their scanning to be traced.

Regular Tags

Most likely what you first think of. A simple tag to allow you to attach a business card or other address details to your luggage, enabling you and others to identify it.

Things to Consider when Picking Your Luggage Tags


Kind of a given. But if you are going to go to the trouble of attaching something to identify your luggage, then you want it to stay put.

Hold luggage can take a pounding, so quality of materials and straps loops is paramount.


Luggage tags can also be handy to help you identify your bag or suitcase on a crowded baggage handling belt or if you have to use the baggage claim.

How many times have we all grabbed that small black wheely suitcase, only to sheepishly put it back when we realise it’s almost ours, but not quite…


Do you want them to stand out, or be discreet? The same can be said about your personal information too.

Bright, colourful tags are easier to spot as are fully visible personal details. You may prefer to keep this information hidden by choosing a tag with a privacy cover.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

So there you have it – our guide to the best luggage bag tags, happy travels!

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