Ever dreamed of strolling along the beautiful rolling hills of Arizona with a glass of your favourite wine in hand? If you’re a fan of local wines, following the Verde Valley Wine Trail is just what the viticulturist ordered.

Heading out to explore this enchanting route in Sedona can feel like stepping back into an oasis of reds and whites landlocked between the state’s dry landscape. 

The Verde Valley features rows upon rows of grape vines and spectacular panoramic views of stunning mountain ranges. Not to mention that there are plenty of cool urban wineries and family-run spots serving up some of the top wine in the state.

Ready to guzzle your way through the trail? These are the Sedona wineries and vineyards you cannot miss.

Tip: Add this trail to your Arizona road trip for a fun-filled journey.

Best Wineries in Verde Valley

Page Springs Cellars

Page Springs Cellars is seriously like a playground for adults who love wine. And who doesn’t, right?

Now, before you think it’s all about drowning in Vermentino or Roussanne (which, admit it, doesn’t sound too bad), there’s plenty more to do here. 

Grape nerds can take a guided tour to unlock the secrets of alchemy, while regular wine lovers can enjoy the nectar of gods accompanied by a relaxing creekside massage.

Address: 1500 N. Page Springs Road, Cornville, AZ

Hours: Sun-Wed 11 am to 7 pm, Thur-Sat 11 am to 9 pm

Alcantara Vineyard

Embark on a wild grape chase at Alcantara Vineyard, the Willy Wonka Factory of Verde Valley vineyards. Boasting 20,000 vines and 17 vino varieties, your taste buds won’t know what hit ’em. Delight in a rosy Pinot Rose or indulge in mysterious Pinot Noir – the world is your wine barrel. 

You can upgrade your experience with a VIP ticket and get a classy take-home glass engraved with the Alcantara Vineyard logo. 

It’s not just about the wine, though. Think kayaking down the Verde River and doing yoga on a paddleboard — all while sipping on fine wine, hard to beat, right?

Address: 3445 S. Grapevine Way, Cottonwood, AZ

Hours: Daily 11 am to 5 pm

Javelina Leap Vineyard Winery and Bistro

Javelina Leap, the godfather of Verde Valley wineries, has been turning water into wine since 1999 — long before it was cool in these parts. They’ve got enough shiny awards to blind you, which means they know their stuff.

With the biggest wine-tasting bar in northern Arizona, prepare to fall in love with their celebrated Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Indulge in a symphony of five intoxicating sips, balanced with their mouth-watering charcuterie, pizzas and more from the bistro menu.

Address: 1565 N. Page Springs Road, Cornville, AZ

Hours: Daily 11 am to 6 pm

Oak Creek Vineyards

Picture yourself, a fancy-schmancy wine taster extraordinaire, chillin’ in a wine oasis, eyes feasting on lush landscapes as you guzzle the likes of Zinfandel, Syrah and Moscato. Then you’ll want to head to Oak Creek Vineyards.

But oh, dear oenophiles, this is no ordinary winery! This magical land of libations whips up weekend wine cocktails that’ll knock your grape-loving socks off. All while chowing down on cheese, hummus, swanky charcuterie and sensational spinach-artichoke goodness. 

And guess what? Your ears get pampered, too, with live tunes serenading your swanky wine-sipping adventures on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Address: 1555 N. Page Springs Road, Cornville, AZ

Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am to 6 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am to 6 pm

Winery 1912

In Willcox, nestled near the legendary Dragoon Mountain, Winery 1912 specialises in a heady mix of Spanish varietals deep-rooted in Dragoon’s 59 wild soils. But fear not; they have a spot in Sedona offering the same wines.

Immerse your senses in this mecca of vine-fueled pleasures, sipping Garnacha, Pinot Grigio and Verdejo while feasting your eyes on Sedona’s dazzling red rock landscapes. 

On weekends, you can dive into a swirling sea of vino while talented local musicians serenade you. Sounds like heaven, don’t you think?

Address: 320 N. State Route 89a, Sedona, AZ

Hours: Mon-Thur 12 pm to 6 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am to 8 pm

Burning Tree Cellars

Psst, I’ve got a tasty little secret to spill – prepare to enter a wine wonderland you’ve never heard of: Burning Tree Cellars. I say secret because they rely on just word-of-mouth to get known – see the power of the internet?

Their wine comes from the finest vineyards in Arizona, and they blend them into concoctions like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon’s love child or a spicy ménage à trois between Mourvedre, Syrah and Grenache. It’s all abstract, and very, very cool.

And, if the stars align, you may catch the sweet sounds of live music.

Address: 1040 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Hours: Sun-Thur 12 pm to 6 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm to 9 pm

Tantrum Wines

While on the Verde Valley Wine Trail, you can’t skip Tantrum Wines. It’s a fabulous, women-owned winery with zero bells and whistles to distract from the vino. 

Brighid, the wine heroine, is all about delivering extraordinary wine in a laid-back environment – no need for suits or monocles here, folks.

Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride as you explore vino varieties like the sassy Sauvignon Blanc and zesty Zinfandel blends. Get wined and dined after taking a flight of four or six wines with scrumptious tapas on the side.

Address: 918 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Hours: Sun-Thur 12 pm to 7 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm to 9 pm

Cabal Cellars

Introducing Cabal Cellars – this dream team, formed by ex-employees of Passion Cellars and Salvatore Vineyards, is on a mission to save the world with their Arizona grape goodness. 

Their tasting menu will take your taste buds on a wild ride with a 2016 Moscato and a 2015 Syrah, while their 2015 Conspiracy blend pulls together Petit Verdot, Malbec and Tinta Cão for an epic grape-mance.

Cabal Cellars continues beyond wine. Prepare your palate for a globetrotting cheese adventure that’ll have you munching on delectable dairy delights from France, Spain, England, Uruguay and Italy in between sips of vino.

Address: 417 Hull Avenue, Jerome, AZ

Hours: Daily 11 am to 6 pm

Arizona Stronghold

Once upon a tipsy time in 2007, a quirky family decided to bottle the essence of Arizona and share it with the world. Thus, Arizona Stronghold was born, delighting taste buds in both Scottsdale and Cottonwood with their mystical grape potions.

Now, let me whisk you away to the enchanting Cottonwood branch — a Narnia-like tasting room ushering your senses on a wondrous journey through the flavours of the great desert lands. 

And the pièce de résistance? There are wines like Chardonnay, Merlot, Nachise and more here, including some exclusives you won’t find elsewhere. 

Address: 1023 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Hours: Wed-Thur 12 pm to 7 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm to 8 pm, Sun 12 pm to 7 pm, Mon-Tue 12 pm to 5 pm

Bodega Pierce

Bodega Pierce’s prime location is in Wilcox, but they also have a branch in Clarkdale, with both offering the same fantastic, award-winning vino. Spanning two generations of ownership, they have an impressive list of varieties that ranges from Syrah and Grenache to Sangiovese and Graciano.

During your visit, you can indulge in a flight of five wines from the comfort of the tasting rooms or outside while enjoying views of the surrounding mountain range. While they don’t have a menu of goodies, you have a few shops to order food from to pair with your grapes.

Address: 1341 W. State Route 89A, Clarkdale, AZ

Hours: Thur-Sun 12 pm to 6 pm

Planning Your Visit to Verde Valley

Getting to Verde Valley by Car, Bus, or Shuttle

Start your adventure from Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, and travel to Sedona in Verde Valley. Jump into a car for two hours of scenic driving on Interstate-17 or hop onto a 4.5-hour bus journey that won’t break the bank at only $23 per ticket. 

Opt for a shuttle if you don’t want to drive but save time ahead of your Sedona wine trail experience. Trips typically take less than three hours, starting at just $62 .

Book Your Rental Car Here

Following the Verde Valley Wine Trail: On a Tour 

While heading to Verde Valley is pretty simple solo, I get that some of you might want to book a tour.

Set on enjoying fantastic wine and don’t want to worry about the logistics? Then a Jeep tour to the Alcantara Vineyard is perfect. 

With this tour, you can sip on five flights of wine and enjoy a cheese platter while travelling along the scenic Verde River and enjoying the picturesque Camp Verde landscape from the back of a Jeep.

Secure your spot by booking this Camp Verde Winery Tasting Tour

Where to Stay in Verde Valley Wine Region

Let go of your troubles at Los Abrigados Resort and Spa, a wonderful oasis in the heart of Arizona’s vineyards. With an onsite eatery, two outdoor pools to dip into, plus a luxurious hot tub for total revitalization, it’s just the escape you need.

Alternatively, check all accommodations in the Verde Valley Wine Region

What to Pack for the Verde Valley Wine Region

Ready to explore the Verde Valley Wine Region in style? Then don’t forget these must-haves:

  • While visiting the vineyards, you’ll need to bring your ID along (even if you aren’t lucky enough to look 21!), so you aren’t denied entry.
  • Sensible shoes are always a good idea – if you’re wandering through the vineyards, wearing heels or flip flops can be lethal.
  • I recommend packing a camera to snap up some Insta-worthy pictures – the vineyards are beautiful, after all.

Verde Valley Wine Trail Map

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