When is the best time to go to Mexico? Which are the best months? This comprehensive guide will answer all of your questions and help you plan the perfect trip.

The Best Time to Visit Mexico: High Season vs Low Season 

Tulum Ruins
Tulum in High Season

The high season in Mexico typically runs from December to April, when the weather is warm and sunny. This is the busiest time of year, so expect crowded beaches and popular tourist destinations. 

If you’re looking for a more peaceful visit, consider traveling during the low season from May to November

While temperatures are still relatively mild, you’ll have smaller crowds and better deals on hotels and airfare.

The Best Time to Visit Mexico: Region by Region

Hierve el Agua
Oaxaca State

Mexico is a vast country with many different regions, each with their own unique climates.  

From the northern arid mountains down to the white sand beaches and lush jungles in the south, any trip to the country will often crossover many microclimates. 

Deciding when the best time to go to Mexico is a challenge, as it really depends on where you plan on spending your time and what activities you hope to do and why you want to go to Mexico.

The weather varies greatly from one region to the next, so rather than looking at when the best time to visit Mexico is overall, you’ll want to consider when the best time is for your specific destination.

You also need to take into account when the more popular months to visit Mexico are and any Mexican festivals and holidays which might influence prices and your budget.

Region Best Time to Visit 
Baja California December – April 
Cancun December – April 
ChiapasNovember – May 
Cozumel March – June 
Durango February – November
Guanajuato January – December 
Guerrero December – February
MichoacanJanuary – April 
Oaxaca April – May and September – October
Puerto Vallarta April – June 
Quintana RooDecember – April 
San Luis PotosiJanuary – December
Tabasco April – June 
Veracruz January – March

Best Time to Travel to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Things to do in Tulum - Tulum Ruins

The Yucatan Peninsula has a mostly tropical climate (planning a trip? Read my tropical vacation packing list) and sees very warm and often humid temperatures all year round. 

The best time to visit the Yucatan area tends to be the dry winter season from December to April, when the weather is more predictable and the skies are clear.

However, from mid-February to April is also spring break time and the Riviera Maya (including Tulum) and Playa del Carmen in particular see booze-fuelled parties and high prices, making December and January the best months to visit overall.

June to October is considered the rainy season for much of southern Mexico. 

July and August are extremely hot and humid in Yucatan and September brings the hurricane season through the coast, making most days complete washouts, depending on the year.

Best Time to Travel to Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta

The rainy season ends around mid-October on the Pacific Coast meaning the best time to visit the western beaches is from October to December, before the big holiday crowds arrive.

From mid-December onwards until March, much of the Pacific Coast is crowded as the perfect winter weather sets in.

Between December to February is when you’ll find the humpback whales and their babies around the coast near Puerto Vallarta, which is one of the Pacific Coast’s most popular attractions. 

August and September are the heart of the rainy season and the hottest period for the Pacific Coast meaning the streets are deserted and prices drop.

It’s certainly not the most pleasant time to visit because of the high humidity and constant rainy days, however, the chances of a hurricane are slimmer than on the Yucatan Peninsula meaning for bargain hunters, it can be a cheap time to visit.

Best Time to Travel to Mexico City

Bella Artes in Mexico City
Bella Artes in Mexico City

There is hardly a bad time to visit Mexico City and the capital is certainly pleasant all year round. 

Southern Mexico’s high season from December to April is a good time to visit Mexico City as well because you can see the full festive spirit of Christmas and have the dry and cooler weather.

However, Spring is considered the best season to visit the city. 

The rainy season doesn’t start until later in Summer, the days are warm, the jacaranda trees are blossoming, and a lot of the crowds have escaped to the coastal areas for holidays. 

The rest of the year is regarded as the least appealing time to visit Mexico City as the wet and humid days in Summer are unpleasant and Autumn is cooler than other times.

The only exception would be November, which is a good month to visit because the weather is warming up and the Day of the Dead celebrations are a joy to experience. 

Puebla, a popular day trip from Mexico City, is the same in terms of best time to visit.

Best Time to Travel to Northern Mexico (El Norte)

Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon

Mexico’s wild and rugged El Norte region is mostly an arid and desert environment. 

This means that it sees extreme weather patterns from close to zero winters to 40 degrees in summer. 

The warmest months are from May through until September and the coldest months are from December until February, when you’ll even find snow in the northern mountains. 

These are not the ideal times to visit if you prefer to steer clear of weather extremes. 

The ideal months to visit the northern regions, including the Copper Canyon, are October to November when temperatures are moderate and hiking conditions are perfect for anyone wanting to explore the mountains on foot.

March to April are also good months, although the air can still be cold and it’s often quite windy around the canyons and mountain tops.

Best Time to Travel to Baja California Peninsula 

The high season for the Baja California Peninsula runs around the same time as southern Mexico from December to April, when the weather is most comfortable and stable. 

Between February and March is the prime whale watching season and hordes of people descend on the peninsula to get a glimpse of the Pacific Grey Whales as they migrate from the Arctic to give birth in the warmer waters. 

The cheapest seasons are in Summer and Autumn between May and September when the rainy, hurricane season hits meaning lower crowds. 

However, it’s for good reason, as the weather conditions means many of the peninsula’s top activities like surfing, diving and sunbaking are not feasible during that time.

Best Time of Year to Go to Mexico: Things to Consider Before Booking Your Mexico Trip 

What is the Best Month to Travel to Mexico? 


If you are visiting Mexico on a budget, for all round good prices and reasonably low crowds, November is arguably the best month to go to Mexico. 

It’s just at the end of the wet, hurricane season and the weather is suddenly dry with low humidity but still warm with cool nights.

The jungles in the south are lush and green after the rains and the air is still cool enough to climb over ruins and go exploring in the middle of the day.

It’s also ideal hiking weather in the north, just before the cooler winters hit up there.

When is High Season in Mexico? 

Tulum in December

High season in Mexico generally runs between December to April. These months are considered the dry season for much of the country and bring the most comfortable temperatures. 

However, Christmas and Easter periods are also holiday times for locals as well as foreigners, and transport and accommodation tend to be crowded and more expensive. 

From February through to April is also the spring break period and American college students flock to the coast, especially Cancun and Los Cabos, to party and drink for days on end. 

Prices are generally higher during this time.

July and August are emerging as a kind-of second high season in Mexico because, although stifling hot and humid with more rainy days, it’s a popular holiday time for foreign tourists coming from Europe. 

Expect high prices and crowds along the coastal areas during this time.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Mexico 

San Cristobal de las Casas
San Cristobal de las Casas

February to March have some of the cheapest flights from Europe to Mexico City according to SkyScanner. 

However, it’s also during the peak travel season in Mexico and prices on the ground in terms of accommodation will be at their highest. 

The months between July and October generally tend to be when you can score cheap accommodation prices, as low season means rates can drop as much as 40 percent. 

September is considered one of the cheapest months to fly to the coastal areas and major cities in the south.

However, if you’re wondering when is hurricane season in Mexico, then this is it. 

July to September is the heart of the hurricane season and you won’t see much sun on your vacation if you choose to visit Mexico then, which is why the prices tend to drop so low. 

Mexico by Season

Spring in Mexico 

March – May 


Part of the peak tourist season and Spring Break period, spring is a busy and expensive time to explore Mexico. 

Easter can also present a disruption to travel plans, but May is a more pleasant time to visit the cities before the rainy season hits. There are plenty of festivals in Mexico during the spring months too.

Key Events and Things to Do in Mexico in Spring 

  • Whale watching in the Baja California Peninsula is in its prime until April
  • Easter or Semana Santa is a special time to be in Mexico as it’s an especially important event, especially around Mexico City 
  • Festival Internacional de Guitarra in late March or early April is an annual guitar festival in Morelia attended by international musicians 

Pros to Travelling to Mexico in Spring

  • By May, most of the crowds have disappeared and the prices begin to dip lower again making it a reasonably good time to go for more relaxed and budget travellers
  • Witnessing the Easter celebrations can be an extraordinary experience 

Cons to Travelling to Mexico in Spring

  • Spring break brings a lot of young college students to the coastal areas to party and drink for their holidays filling up many of the resorts
  • It’s still high season until April for most of the country and prices are often at the premium around Easter and the spring break period

Summer in Mexico 

June – August 


The rainy season sets in over most of the country, although the north remains relatively dry throughout. 

The temperatures are hot and humid, but the summer vacations for many foreign tourists means it’s becoming a more popular time to visit Mexico

Key Events and Things to Do in Mexico in Summer 

  • St John’s Day (Dia de San Juan) on 24th June is celebrated with bonfires, rodeos and water throwing across the nation
  • The Gay Pride parade in Mexico City usually runs in late June and is a huge occasion for the queer community in Mexico 

Pros to Travelling to Mexico in Summer

  • Storms and rain generally hit in the second half of the day, meaning sight-seeing can be done for early risers before an afternoon siesta 
  • July is a bearable month to hit the coast, particularly the Mayan Riviera, as the rains often cool the hot temperatures 

Cons to Travelling to Mexico in Summer

  • The Mexico rainy season has set in by June across most of the southern half of the country and temperatures and humidity start to creep up
  • July and August are the wettest months and almost the peak hurricane season in Mexico

Autumn / Fall in Mexico

September – November 

Tlacaloula Market
Tlacaloula Market

Autumn brings some of the worst weather to the coast as hurricane season peaks in September. 

However, the turbulent climate tends to peter out by October and November leaving a lush landscape before the winter crowds arrive. 

It also brings one of the most sought after festivals in Mexico – the Day of the Dead.

Key Events and Things to Do in Mexico in Autumn

  • Independence Day on 16th September is celebrated mostly in Mexico City and Guanajuato 
  • Day of the Dead festival on 1st November in central and southern Mexico is when offerings are made to ancestors’ souls and people build shrines and paper mache skeletons are decorated around the streets

Pros to Travelling to Mexico in Autumn

  • Lower prices and less crowds across the country, make it one of the best seasons to travel to Mexico 
  • November is generally considered the best month to go to Mexico, as the weather has improved substantially, and the crowds are yet to arrive
  • The Day of the Dead Festival is celebrated in November and is one of the best cultural experiences you can have in Mexico 

Cons to Travelling to Mexico in Autumn  

  • Mexico in September is peak hurricane season for most of the coastal areas in the south making for unpleasant vacations
  • By October, the rains are starting to ease, but the humidity and high temperatures tend to stick around a bit longer

Winter in Mexico 

December – February 

Sunset at the Intercontinental
Sunset in Cancun

Winter is peak season for most of the country and is an especially good time to explore the coastal areas. 

It’s also one of the most crowded times to visit Mexico, especially with Christmas and New Year festivities.

Key Events and Things to Do in Mexico in Winter 

  • Christmas and New Year are holidays in the country and particularly festive times to experience the Mexican take on traditional holidays 
  • Whale watching begins in February as humpbacks and blue and grey whales migrate to Mexico’s Pacific Coast
  • Carnaval and Mardi Gras usually falls either in February or March and is one of the biggest fiestas in Mexico. Expect outlandish costumes, parades and dancing, particularly in Veracruz and Mazatlan 

Pros to Travelling to Mexico in Winter

  • The best weather in most of the country, with dry, warm and predictable temperatures
  • The jungles and landscapes are lush and green after the rainfall over Summer and Autumn
  • Some of the more festive atmospheres can be experienced over the winter months

Cons to Travelling to Mexico in Winter 

  • High season means it’s also crowded and more expensive, especially on the coastal areas
  • Christmas and New Year brings more crowds and higher prices

When to Travel to Mexico: Practical Tips + Tricks 

  • Decide on where you want to go and the activities you’re hoping to do first as that will influence when the best time to go to Mexico is for you
  • Consider your priorities for travelling to Mexico, is it to join in the beach parties during Spring Break or is it to catch the whale migration on the Baja Peninsula? Certain events and your purpose for travelling to Mexico will also impact when is the best time to go to Mexico for you
  • If you decide to travel between December and April in high season, booking as far in advance as possible is ideal, as accommodation and transport are crowded and expensive at this time.

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