Ready to discover the best day trips from Malaga? Check out these 24 absolutely brilliant day trips just a stone’s throw from this gorgeous Spanish city.

Looking to add a destination or two to your Malaga travel plans? While you could easily spend an entire vacay exploring the city centre and nearby Costa del Sol, I understand wanting to venture out and see a little bit more. 

So if you’re getting the itch to explore some locations near Malaga or want to travel to some that are a bit further (BTW, you can even hop continents), let me help you decide on the best Malaga day trips.

If you’re already starting to plan your next adventure, slow down and take a minute to read through this (rather amazing) guide to places to visit near Malaga. You’re in for a treat.

The Best Day Trips From Malaga 


Puente Nuovo

Imagine an ancient Moorish city perched sky-high over a large, dramatic gorge. It almost looks like something drawn up on CGI, but not to worry; it’s an actual place.

That place is Ronda, and it’s one of the best one-day trips from Malaga you can possibly take.

From the Puente Nuevo bridge towering over 100 metres above the gorge to the Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda (which impressed the literary great Ernest Hemmingway), the famous Pueblo Blanco is quite possibly the most beautiful place in Spain.

If you have time, add the Arab Baths and Jardines de Cuenca to your Malaga to Ronda day trip. 

How to Get There: You can reach Malaga by train or bus. You’ll likely have other stops along the way with either option.

Average journey duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Ronda Full Day Tour by Bus Tour 



I can’t think of a more manageable (and utterly fantastic) afternoon than a Malaga to Cordoba day trip.

When planning your Spain itinerary, take it from me and add Cordoba to your schedule. 

Why? Numerous cultures have thrived here over the centuries, which shows in the unbelievable and incredibly diverse architecture.

Be sure to visit Mezquita-Catedral to witness an ancient Mosque-Cathedral where the imposing arches and beautiful decor will likely leave you speechless.

Also, the UNESCO World Heritage City Centre is a beautiful place to roam the winding streets. Don’t think twice about it if you have time to walk over the Roman Bridge across the Guadalquivir River.

How to Get There: Take the train from Malaga Maria Zambrano station to Cordoba station.

Average journey duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Hassle-free option: Book This Full-Day Cordoba Tour 

Caminito del Rey 

Caminito del Rey 

If your idea of Malaga excursions is a tad more epic, the Caminito del Rey day trip from Malaga is most likely right up your alley.

The 7.7 km path follows the incredible El Chorro Gorge from high in the sky.

Nowhere near as intimidating as it was before repair, it’s still not ideal for those who have a fear of heights. But if you’re up for the challenge and can stop yourself from peering 100 metres downward, it’s a perfect day trip from Malaga.

How to Get There: Start at the Maria Zambrano Station in Malaga and take the train to El Chorro; then, you can take a bus ride or a long walk to the entrance. 

Average journey duration: 1 hour by train and bus.

Hassle-free option: Book This Caminito del Rey Guided Tour 


Though it may take a few hours each way, a Malaga to Gibraltar day trip is an excellent way to check out the scenery of this British Territory. 

When I say that Gibraltar is unique, I mean UNIQUE. It’s mind-boggling seeing British high street staples like M&S tucked into cosy Spanish-influenced alleyways. Pretty cool though, if you ask me. 

But don’t get drawn in – you’re not here to shop.

While small in size, natural beauty is abundant here. Head to Upper Rock Nature Reserve to observe the Apes of Gibraltar or step inside and walk around St. Michael’s Cave. 

If you need some (rather intense) exercise after the long bus ride, hike the Mediterranean Steps for a challenging but beautiful way to see Gibraltar.

How to Get There: Take the bus to La Linea, and then you’ll need to hire a taxi.

Average journey duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Gibraltar Tour 


Church of El Salvador

You’ll want to make time for a day trip from Malaga to Seville, no matter how jam-packed your trip is. 

Seriously, from the 10th Century palace Real Alcazar of Seville to the world’s largest Gothic cathedral… it’s not a competition or anything, but Seville can claim to have some of the most impressive architecture in the world. 

Then there’s the food. I’ll never tire of all the excellent choices, but if it’s your first time here, go to the 17th-century El Rinconcillo and Michelin-star restaurant Abantal and experience two of the finest examples of the brilliant food in Seville.

How to Get There: A direct train runs a few times a day to Seville Santa Justa, but buses are also an option, but they take about an hour longer.

Average journey duration: Just under 2 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Full-Day Tour of Seville from Costa del Sol Tour


If you’re looking for unmissable things to do in Malaga, planning a day trip to Nerja is something I can’t recommend enough.

Why? It’s super easy to get to and the beaches are, in a word, uh-mazing.

Burriana beach is the most accessible, but pro tip: head to Cala del Cañuelo. The rocky shores make way to golden sands and picture-perfect waters that are prime snorkelling locales.

Add the Fundación Cueva de Nerja to your itinerary for some incredible subterranean scenery that’s out of this world.

How to Get There: You can take an Alsa bus, which frequently runs throughout the day.

Average journey duration: 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the day.

Hassle-free option: Book This Nerja y Frigiliana Tour 



Andalusia is famed for the many gorgeous Pueblo Blancos (ancient white-washed towns in picture-perfect settings) and Olvera is on the short list of jaw-dropping, grab your camera, OMG examples.

Spend a few hours here and stroll (more like climb) up the beautiful city streets admiring the houses and olive trees hundreds of metres below.

The Olvera Castle is the highlight of the village, and the views from the top of the nearly 1,000-year-old building are mind-blowing.

How to Get There: The easiest way to travel to Olvera is by taking the ALSA bus from Malaga, which often has several stops along the way.

Average journey duration: 2 to 4 hours.

Aguilar de la Frontera

Next up: Head to Aguilar de la Frontera for a day trip that delights.

The most famous sites in Aguilar de la Frontera are the 9th-century Castillo ruins and the magnificent Torre del Reloj.

Sure, this spot might be less well-known than other destinations on this list but worth visiting if you want a quiet afternoon of reflecting on the historical significance of some of the most impressive landmarks in Spain

It’s one of the furthest day trips from Malaga, but combine it with the nearby Cordoba and Lucena and I guarantee you the most incredible day trip.

How to Get There: Head to the Malaga bus station and catch an ALSA bus (they generally run twice per day).

Average journey duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes.


Marbella Corfu

Marbella is a beautiful city near Malaga. And, with some of the most incredible shorelines along the Costa del Sol, you’ll need to bring your swimwear on this trip. 

You’ll also want to pack a change of clothes on your day trip to Marbella from Malaga because the night clubs here are posh (and frankly amazing). 

Stay a night if you can, otherwise, spend an afternoon wandering around the Plaza de los Naranjos and admiring the rugged mountains that sit as a very pretty backdrop.

How to Get There: Take the bus from the Malaga bus station.

Average journey duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Hassle-free option: Book This Marbella, Mijas, and Puerto Banús Full-Day Sightseeing Tour Tour 


Fancy spotting Renaissance architecture that rivals ancient Rome’s beauty? Jaen is where you need to go on a day trip from Malaga to see beautiful architecture at its best. 

Entering the city, the Jaén Catedral is impossible to ignore. The cathedral features 17 chapels inside with awe-inspiring altars and priceless artefacts, none more famous than the Veil of Veronica.   

But the city’s architecture goes way back. Just how far? Visit Marroquíes Bajos, and you’ll see the remains of walls over 4,000 years old.

How to Get There: Take the Train from Malaga Maria Zambrano to Jaen with one transfer in Cordoba-Central.

Average journey duration: 3 hours to 4 hours and 30 minutes.


Tangier, Morocco

Wait, a day trip to another continent, is this possible? One of the beautiful things about planning an itinerary to Southern Spain is you’re just across The Straight of Gibraltar from Northern Africa.

Discover incredible food, culture and music on your Malaga to Morocco day trip. 

Whether walking the Tangier Medina, visiting the Hercules Caves (you’ll need to hire a taxi for this) or shopping at the amazing Grand Socco, a Malaga day trip to Tangier is non-stop action. 

How to Get There: Take a ferry from Malaga to Tangier. There aren’t daily rides, so you’ll need to plan (or get lucky), but the 5-hour ferry is entirely doable.

Average journey duration: 4-6 hours. 



Frigiliana is a beautiful Pueblo Blanco with narrow sidewalks that venture high up on the hill. Cafes, shops and cobbled steps define the hillside city that is seriously overloaded with charm. 

Be sure to check out some hikes, if you have time, to see the amazing city from a bird’s eye view. Acequia de Lizar is my favourite – it’s pretty steep in places, but the reward is more than worth it.

How to Get There: You can take a bus, but it requires a transfer and can be difficult to time correctly. 

Average journey duration: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Hassle-free option: Book This Nerja and Frigiliana Tour 


If you’re looking for a stress-free Malaga day trip to the beach, Benalmadena is the best option. 

Not only are there some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga, but you can also ride a cable car, see the magnificent Buddhist Stupa, or just chill out and take in the scenery with some lunch and a cocktail (or two) and watch the sun go down in style.

Better yet, it’s so easy to get to – around half an hour on a train.

How to Get There: Bus, train, and rideshare are all options. Take the train for a quick way to get there for cheap.

Average journey duration: 35 minutes by train. 55 minutes by bus.



I won’t lie to you; this one is a trek. But it’s not that long of a journey, and a day trip from Malaga to Cadiz is 100% worth the effort.

For starters, it’s one of the oldest places in all of Europe and an absolutely breathtaking port city. 

But what should you pack into a single-day trip from Malaga to Cadiz? Walk, walk, and walk some more. 

Check out the Cathedral, Mercado Central, Park Genoves and Playa Victoria. You can also rent a bicycle to cover more ground when visiting this incredible city in Spain.

How to Get There: It’s a lengthy but direct bus ride, which will go by quickly with a good book. You can also take a train, but it involves more than one transfer.

Average journey duration: 4 hours. 


Granada, Nicaragua

Let’s see, what to do when you’re in Granada? Well, there’s a LOT.

Alhambra Palace, Granada Cathedral and Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción are just some of the architectural sites that give any in Spain a run for their money.

Aside from exploring these Moorish spots, make sure you spend plenty of time enjoying tapas and watching Flamenco. 

Most shows start later in the evenings, and the best restaurants are at their most fun at night, too, so planning a Malaga to Granada day trip needs to involve some sightseeing before the sun goes down.

How to Get There: Take the new Renfe high-speed train from Malaga to Granada. You can also take the bus from the Malaga airport, adding considerable travel time from your hotel. 

Average journey duration: Around 1 hour and 10 minutes by train.

Hassle-free option: Book This Malaga: Granada Day Trip with Alhambra, Palaces and Gardens Tour 

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas

Many people pair a Setenil de las Bodegas trip with either Ronda or Cadiz, and that’s totally doable. But if you can explore the small village hidden away under a dramatic rocky overhang, do it.

Not only is the architecture in this Pueblo Blanco fascinating, but it’s home to some incredible cured meats you can find at charming shops like La Cueva del Ibérico. Bring an extra tote bag.

How to Get There: Take the train or bus to Ronda. Once you’re there, transfer to a bus or taxi.

Average journey duration: Approximately 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Hassle-free option: Book This Private Full-Day Bus Trip to Ronda and Setenil Tour 

Parque Natural del Cabo de Gata-Níjar

If you want to see some of the most pristine beaches in Andalucia, head over to Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

You can pair this excellent day trip with a trip to Almeria, but I also love it as the focal point of a Malaga day trip (plan lots of extra time for epic hikes and dives).

You’ll see some of the most incredible rock formations, underwater adventures, and natural beauty in Southern Spain.

How to Get There: Take a bus to Almeria, and transfer to a bus or taxi to the park.

Average journey duration: About 3 hours and 45 minutes by bus and taxi.

Hassle-free option: Book This Cabo de Gata: Kayaking and Swimming Excursion Tour

Antequera Dolmens Site 

Antequera Dolmens Site 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an opportunity to see ancient megaliths just a short ways away from Malaga. Three weird af rock-based monuments and two mountains make up the site, and I promise you’ll want to make time to snap them all.

It’s a must-see for any serious historian and an impressive sight for casual observers as well.

How to Get There: Take a train from Malaga to Antequera and walk to the site. 

Average journey duration:  Around 1 hour.

Hassle-free option: Book This Torcal Antequera Natural Park & Dolmens Site Tour

Mediterranean Sea (By Boat) 

Ok, so you’re thinking, isn’t Malaga on the Mediterranean Sea? Yes. But for a really exciting Malaga day trip, you need to head out onto the water.

Whether it’s a group tour or a private boat, you need to sail the Mediterranean Sea as a day trip from Malaga. Oh, and a little pro tip: book a sunset tour.

How to Get There: Walk or bus to the Port of Malaga.

Average journey duration: 1 to 4 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Sunset Catamaran Trip Tour 

Montes de Malaga Natural Park

If you want to experience the rugged natural beauty of the mountains surrounding Malaga, head over to this expansive protected space outside the city centre.

You might just see chameleons, foxes and numerous bird species in this gorgeous stretch of land. Bring your camera and a great pair of hiking boots.

How to Get There: You’ll need to hire a car or arrange a taxi.

Average journey duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Hassle-free option: Book This 3-Hour E-Bike Tour of Montes de Malaga Natural Park Tour


Sitting nearly directly between Malaga and Marabelle is Mijas, a destination worthy of a Malaga day trip on its own. It’s also a perfect addition to an afternoon exploring the Costa del Sol.

Check out this beautiful Pueblo Blanco and spend time walking Picos de Mijas while admiring the hillside village’s adorable streets and homes. 

Take a peek inside the Mijas Wagon for what might just be the smallest art gallery in the world, and end the day with a glass of red in the adorable restaurant, The Snug.

How to Get There: You can take a bus directly from Malaga or transfer to a bus from a local train.

Average journey duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Hassle-free option: Book This Mijas, Marbella and Puerto Banús Tour

Puerto Banús 

If you want to head a little further down the Costa del Sol coastline, I can’t recommend Puerto Banús enough. 

If you follow me here or on the ‘Gram, you know I’m always down for some time on the beach. And the soft sands and sparkling waters here are fantastic. 

But that’s not all – the shopping, nightlife and food in Puerto Banús are also among my favourites in Marabella. 

How to Get There: You can arrive by taking an Avanza bus here.

Average journey duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Hassle-free option: Book This Private tour of Marbella and Puerto Banus Tour


Getting to Carmona from Malaga is challenging, but if you have the time in your Spain itinerary, make the extra effort to go. 

The ancient town has a history dating back to Julius Caesar (yes, it’s that old). The architecture still reflects ancient cultures in Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla and the Roman Necropolis.

This is an excellent trip to pair with Seville or Cordoba as well if you want to explore the Andalusia region further. Which, you definitely should.

How to Get There: There are no direct train or bus routes; most require transferring in Seville or Cordoba.

Average journey duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Córdoba and Carmona Full-Day Tour


One of my favourite things about a day trip from Malaga to Cordoba is how many amazing and often lesser travelled cities are in between.

One of these, Lucena, is home to stunning Baroque architecture like Castillo del Moral and the Church of San Mateo.

Step inside the Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Araceli and see one of the most incredible altars in Spain; the trip is worth this visit alone.

How to Get There: You can take a direct bus from the Malaga bus station to Lucena.

Average journey duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Hassle-free option: Book This Cordoba and Lucena Day Trip Tour 

Practical Tips for Easy Day Trips From Malaga 

  • Book skip-the-line tours and tickets whenever possible, especially for day trips where you might be a little tight on time. 
  • Decide how many locations you want to see and plan ahead. Combining more than one destination in a single tour can be a great way to save time and money.

Map of Day Tours from Malaga

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