Ready to discover the best Palm Springs tours? You’re in the right place – I’ve rounded up the top excursions the sun-kissed city offers.

Palm Springs is no stranger to the limelight – this desert resort city is where people throw their cares to the wind and go looking for exciting escapades. 

And I’ll be honest, when considering the enticing list of Palm Springs things to do, I can’t exactlyblame them.

Sure, you can hot foot it around the city solo, but heading out on a tour can ensure you see all the best bits. Especially ideal if you’re only in town for a day or two.

I’ve just returned from spending some time in Palm Springs, and as much as I’d love to give y’all a one on one tour, I am just one woman. I have done the donkey work and picked out some incredible Palm Springs tours, though. You’re welcome.

The Best Palm Springs Tours 

Palm Springs: Legends & Icons Tour

rank Sinatra Residence Mid Century Modern Palm Springs

I know when I first think about Palm Springs, celebrities and their antics is what first springs to mind. Rightfully so, as the city continues to be where A-listers come to unwind, party, and breakaway. 

So why not head out on a Palm Springs celebrity tour? Lovers of the salacious will not want to miss out.

While no celebrity sightings are for sure on this legends and icons tour, you’ll jet around the city’s suburbs to find where they live. Boasting more than 50 celebrity homes, this guided tour showcases famous residences from Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra.

Escorted through the city, your knowledgeable guide will entertain you with stories of celebs and their homes. After some casual drive-by viewing, you’ll get the chance to explore “The Rat Pack Hideaway” and the filming location for the Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra.

Between the sprawling estate visits, expect to hear about other Palm Springs highlights: The Art and Air Museum and the Indian and Tahquitz Canyons are absolute classics. 

One thing’s for sure; this isn’t just a regular Palm Springs house tour.

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Palm Springs: San Andreas Fault Open-Air Jeep Tour

San Andreas Fault line, central California

Sitting within the Coachella Valley, just outside of Palm Springs, is the active earthquake fault of San Andreas. Sure, celebrities and their homes have a magnetic attraction, but the natural landscapes surrounding Palm Springs have just as strong a pull.

And what better way to explore the infamous San Andreas Fault than from the comfort of an open-air Jeep? Fair enough, that’s a trick question. 

This guided jeep tour from Palm Springs is an authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Embarking on a scenic journey through private property, you’ll witness a truly twisted and unique landscape that’s only accessible via a 4-wheel drive specially-designated Jeep. Here you will explore parts of the Metate Ranch Reserve, which sits directly atop a faultline. 

Adding to the thrill of this tour, you also have the freedom to roam along stone corridors and granite canyons. Once you’re back in the Jeep, you’ll head towards a natural oasis where your guide will talk you through the history of the fault and the indigenous Cahuilla Indians who once called it home.

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Palm Springs: Self-Driving Windmill Tour

Palm Springs Windmills

While you can explore the city’s artificial features on a Palm Springs architecture tour or its natural terrain via a Palm Springs bus tour, how about a self-guided excursion? More specifically, why not go your own way to explore another gem of the city’s skyline?

Thousands of massive wind turbines within windmill farms just outside Palm Springs’ borders are equally as impressive as the city itself. A fun, educational, and unique adventure awaits along the rows of these monolithic structures.

During this Palm Springs Windmill tour, an audio guide directs and educates you as you make your way through the first commercial wind farm in Southern California. Grab your provided map and head out on the road to ten designated stops in the non-operational display yard of the farm. 

Along the way, you’ll learn about the evolution of wind turbines (not nearly as boring as it sounds, I promise), followed by the final stop at a generating turbine. And as a fun extra, you can head to the nearby solar farm for some epic snapshots.

Gear Up for Your Self-Driving Windmill Tour

Palm Desert: Remotely Guided City Scavenger Hunt

Palm Desert

Sure, guided tours are a great way to explore, but there are a few other ways to immerse yourself in Palm Springs and its attractions. One of them is on this extremely fun interactive guided city scavenger hunt. Yes, you read that right, a scavenger hunt.

Oh, I hope you’re ready. Setting off with clues provided by a remote guide, you and your teammates will tour through the city to undisclosed highlights. 

From the streets of Palm Desert to Coachella Valley, a tour is one of the best ways to explore Palm Springs. Leading to the Fountain of Life in Cathedral City, the 15-acre Sunnylands Centre, and the Palm Springs Art Museum. 

You can even challenge other teams in a timed race. Some say the finish line is Misty’s Consignments, while others report the hunt extends even further. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.

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Practical Tips for Booking Your Palm Springs Tour 

  • When prepping for any tour of Palm Springs, remember to pack essential items, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and of course, your camera.
  • These tours have limited capacity, so make sure to book your spots as far in advance as you can.
  • Be sure to check the starting location or pick-up spot for your chosen tour ahead of time. And remember to bring a fully charged smartphone to receive tour details as you progress when embarking on a self-guided or interactive tour.

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