Fancy soaking up some of Rome’s best views with a cocktail in hand? Check out these stunning rooftop bars in Rome.

Rome is an essential stop on any European itinerary – mainly because of the picturesque views and architecture, but there’s no denying that the delicious food and drink also plays a (very large) part.

So, why not appreciate a 360° view of the city below from a rooftop bar with a cocktail in hand? 

Whether you’re a seasoned Rome traveller or a newbie on these cobblestone streets, seeing the city from a bird’s-eye view offers a new perspective of the hustle, bustle, and history below. And of course, it provides fantastic photo opportunities too.

Dreaming of an Italian getaway? Check out this handy guide to the best rooftop bars in Rome and thank me later.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Rome 


Piazza di Spagna


What do you get when you mix sake, a rooftop bar, and Rome? You get the luxe Japanese restaurant and bar that is Zuma Rome.

As this terrace bar includes a Japanese restaurant, you can expect authentic yet modern East Asian flavours incorporated into traditional cocktails. Which, by the way, are banging.

I’m not being dramatic when I say that these cocktails taste amazing, and Zuma turns up the theatrics to a hundred. The Oni cocktail, for example, gets served in a box filled with smoking dry ice.

Zuma is very popular – not only because it offers amazing sunset and nighttime views of the Piazza di Spagna but because the bar sits atop one of the most luxurious fashion houses in Italy — the Palazzo Fendi. 

Cielo Terrace at Hotel de la Ville

Piazza Di Spagna


Like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, you’ll find this treasure at the top of Rome’s ‘Spanish Steps’ in Piazza Di Spagna.

Hotel de la Ville is one of the many 5-star hotels with rooftop bars in Rome. And, just like the hotel, the Ciela Terrace offers top-notch service and products. Its drinks are inventive and a treat for the eyes as much as the tongue, with cocktail flavours inspired by fables, myths, and Greek gods.

Try the ‘Venere’ cocktail dedicated to the god of beauty, love, and desire with pink vodka, pineapple extract and golden cherry. Or, for something more robust, try the ‘Vulcano’ cocktail made with actual volcano gin and smokey clouds.

Tip: They regularly hold bottomless Sundays that offer a 4-banquet lunch, bottomless drinks, and live entertainment for two hours. Sign me up.

Les Étoiles Terrace at Atlante Hotels Rome

Piazza Delle Vaschette


Les Étoiles

Les Étoiles rooftop bar, Rome is the place to be for rich rooftop blooms and views of iconic Rome landmarks. Surrounded by the sweet and fruity smells of the cheery flowers, you can enjoy a 360° view featuring Saint Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City.

The bar is open every day from 10 am to 1 am, alternating between serving coffee, cocktails, wine, and champagne at the appropriate times (although, it’s never too early for a glass of wine, in my opinion). The bar sells all the classic cocktails, so you can still enjoy your go-tos.

Minerva Roof Garden at Grand Hotel de La Minerve 

Piazza Della Minerva 


Just a stone’s throw away from The Pantheon is where you’ll find the Grand Hotel de La Minerve and its Minerva Roof Garden Bar.

High above the city on the hotel’s eighth floor, this al fresco rooftop garden is open every summer night. It has an unobstructed panoramic view of some of the best landmarks – you won’t need binoculars to spot Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and Navona square from new heights with Prosecco in hand.

Or, if you prefer, enjoy a fun apple or chocolate mojito while Maestro Antonio Nasca entertains the crowd with his live music. 

Note: Minerva Roof Garden is currently closed for renovations. Check their social media pages for updates.

Hotel Forum Terrace American Bar

Forum Romanum

££ – £££ 

This classic and elegant hotel juxtaposes the ruins of landmarks in Italy, like Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum. Although hard to imagine, it works and lends a hand in offering some of the most breathtaking views of the city’s history.

Hotel Forum’s American Bar is a cosy yet classic-style terrace bar, and it’s a great place to have a laid back drink. The expert bartender duo Paolo and Flavio will surely take you under their wing and guide you to the best cocktails, grappas, and long drinks for your palette. 

Hungry? Downstairs is a roof garden restaurant where you can catch a bite to eat before heading to the bar for a nightcap under the stars.

Terrazza Dei Papi at Mecenate Palace Hotel

Piazza Di Santa María Maggiore


This white and green rooftop bar in Rome, Italy, stands out against the city’s ancient grey and brown buildings. Perhaps this is why it is many people’s go-to bar for late-night drinks.

Terrazza Dei Papi Sky Bar shares a space with a Mediterranean restaurant serving fresh regional cuisine throughout the day. After sunset, candles give the rooftop garden an ambient glow as you gaze over the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

There’s a very impressive selection of wines, cocktails, and aperitifs. Though, don’t be afraid to ask the bartender for drink suggestions to sip through as you watch the sky change colours into the darkness.

Mater Terrae at Bio Hotel Raphael

Piazza Navona


The Bio Hotel Raphael is an opulent 5-star hotel, so it’s no wonder it has a Michelin-star vegetarian restaurant with one of the best rooftop bars in Rome.

Mater Terrae is a fantastic place to go for a mid-day drink or late-night cocktail, no matter the weather. Half of the bar is under a roof, while the other allows al fresco dining and drinks. You‘ll be happy to know that this hotel and bar are for the environment and serve an extensive list of vegetarian and vegan drinks and wines.

For a seriously luxurious afternoon, opt for the champagne cocktails with fresh in-season fruits and juices. Of course, there are also classic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available too. But when in Rome…

Tiziano Terrace by Monti View


££ – £££ 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. This contemporary and stylish terrace is one of Rome’s best rooftop bars. And they’re trying to keep it as a hidden gem. So, I’d suggest you stop by before the masses find it.

The Tiziano Terrace is open Monday to Saturday, serving its patrons 180° views of the Monti district. It also serves them assorted platters of cheeses and meats with their specially crafted cocktails, aperitifs, and fine wines.

If, on the off chance, the weather isn’t as great, simply move inside to the modern indoor lounge. While indoors, it still offers partial views of the city through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

La Grande Bellezza at Hotel Eitch Borromini 

Piazza Navona


Hotel Eitch Borromini’s La Grande Bellezza is one of the most elegant rooftop bar hotels in Rome. Built on 17th-century buildings in one of the most famous squares in the whole city, it’s no wonder they tried to keep the beautiful rooftop bar a secret.

This rooftop bar only opened up to the public a few months ago and is already in high demand. It is an intimate setting that keeps up its exclusivity by opening at 6.30 pm each night and seating you by reservation only.

But, once you jump through those hoops, you’ll find it’s worth it. With 360° views during sunset, it’s sure to leave you in awe. 

As expected, they also keep their drinks menu tight-lipped, but you can expect high-end champagnes, wines, and hand-stirred cocktails. The aperitifs and small plates also promise to be of excellent quality.

Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Artemide


££ – £££ 

In ancient times, ambrosia was the food and drink of the Greek gods. This is where Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant got its name. The rooftop bar may not offer the same drinks that satiated the gods, but by sipping a spritz at sunset, you feel like a god(dess) yourself.

The views from here stretch for miles. And Chef Massimo Gonnella serves authentic Italian gastronomic art passed down for centuries through his family – that is, if you need something to soak up the wine.

If you stay at the hotel, you can visit the bar from 10.30 am. If not, you can visit it from 3.30 pm until midnight.

I Sofà Bar Restaurant & Roof Terrace

Historic Centre


I Sofà Bar is the ideal summer rooftop bar open every day from midday to midnight. It’s a contemporary joint with a garden terrace shaded by multiple white umbrellas.

Here, you’ll enjoy a slightly different perspective of Rome’s buildings and houses as you sit among the rooftops stretching for miles. It is ideal for a quiet night out.

The bar sells cocktails, wine, and craft beer, all accompanied by tasteful snacks. Its whiskey menu serves whiskeys from Ireland, Japan, and India, while its cocktail menu offers fun combinations of flavours worth a try. Expect aromatic yet tasty flavours like clove syrup, anise liqueur, and cardamom-infused vodka in your cocktails.

The Court Rooftop Bar at Palazzo Manfredi 


££ – £££ 

If you’re looking for a rooftop bar in Rome near the Colosseum, you won’t get any closer than at The Court at Palazzo Manfredi.

Matteo Zed and his team of expert mixologists give guests an elevated experience when it comes to cocktails. Patrons go on a tasting journey influenced by Rome-inspired movies, with ingredients from bitter and aromatic to bright and refreshing. 

Similarly to the epic shots and effects on the silver screen, Zed imitates this with his range of drinks filled with smoke, bubbles, and theatrics. And to top it off, this is all happening against the backdrop of the Colosseum.

If you don’t make it to any of the other rooftop bars, go to at least this one. This is movie magic that you really cannot miss.

Note: The dress code here is smart casual. Learn from my mistake, and don’t try rocking up with trainers and a fluorescent yellow bum bag like I did at one of the rooftop bars in Madrid

47 Circus Roof Garden

Piazza Della Bocca Della Verità


I’ll make a bold statement – this is one of Rome’s best rooftop bars in terms of ambience. It is stylish yet charming and relaxed.

You’ll find 47 Circus Roof Garden along the Tiber river overlooking major landmarks like the ancient roman temple of Hercules, and Rome as you’ve never seen it before. Chef Gabriele Enrico serves upscale Mediterranean foods at the restaurant while the drinks are in the hands of expert mixologists.

A few drinks stand out, but the 47 different international gins take centre stage. I suggest you work through the gin cocktail menu as it is quite different in Rome. 

But it’s not all gin. There are also a few interesting non-gin cocktails, like the Italian Fizz with an ancient formula of Vermouth, cherry liqueur, and orange marmalade topped with soda.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari at The First Roma Arte

Historic Centre


It’s difficult to choose the best rooftop bar in Rome, but Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari is a good contender. Scratch that – it’s a great contender.

Its drink menu, created by Carlos Soriano, has become integral to keeping the bar’s relaxed and curated vibe. The bar’s signature cocktails tread a steady balance between alcohol, flavour, and spice with notes such as star anise, homemade Sage syrup, and saffron liqueur.

Of course, the drinks menu isn’t this rooftop bar’s only big draw point. The views are equally as enchanting, with views of the city’s historic centre and dome rooftops.

Settimo Roman Cuisine & Terrace

Villa Borghese


Set in the heart of Rome and just a few feet from St. Peter’s Basilica, you can rest assured that this rooftop bar will have some breathtaking views regardless of the angle.

Settimo Roman Cuisine & Terrace is the go-to place for trendsetters who love the finer things in life. This bar only serves wines and bubbles, so don’t expect to find colourful and fruity drinks. Instead, its wine list is extensive, with wines, prosecco, and champagne from all over Italy. 

Note: The bar and restaurant offer brunch as well as a gluten-free and vegetarian menu as well.

Terrazza Flavia at Marcella Royal Hotel



Newly renovated in 2020, Terrazza Flavia is ready for a new life. And, to be quite honest, you might be too after you see these nighttime views.

The Marcella Royal Hotel is a boutique hotel in the city’s centre, meaning you get the best views with a touch of elegance. The rooftop is simple, taking a backseat so you can appreciate the views and lush garden all around you. These views include a birdseye view of the city and landmarks like Vatican City.

Drinks are simple, with classic cocktails and glasses of wine on the menu. On certain nights you may even catch a live musical entertainer serenading you through the night. Yes please.

Up Sunset Bar

Piazza Barberini


Compared to the other bars on the list, Up Sunset Bar is one of the more affordable rooftop bars Rome offers. But, just because it’s more affordable doesn’t mean it skimps on panoramic views.

You should have no problem finding this bar, as it’s on top of the Rinascente Roma Tritone shopping mall. The stylish venue is al fresco but under a roof, allowing you a well-shaded spot in the sun with a classic cocktail in hand.

While you’re there, try their Made[It]Erranean Negroni made with homemade gin and vermouth to ease you into the sunset.

Note: Reviews for this bar are a mixed bag, but mainly positive. I’d say this is best for enjoying drinks only.

Rooftop Spritzeria Monti


££ – £££ 

While Rooftop Spritzeria Monti has a limited drinks menu, the laidback outdoor space and views make up for it. It is the perfect place to catch up with friends, surrounded by ambient lighting and ice-cold beverages.

The bar is on the fifth floor in the cosy Monti district. Here, you can appreciate the stars and beauty of the neighbourhood’s rooftops.

The drink list is carefully-curated each season by expert mixologists, so it’s never the same but matches the seasonal vibes to perfection. In addition, they also have a select range of sparkling wines and light desserts for a sweeter end to the night.

Practical Tips for Exploring Rome’s Stunning Rooftop Bars 

  • Many of the best rooftop bars in Rome are atop 5-star hotels. If that is a bit out of your budget, stay at these Airbnbs in Rome instead.
  • Don’t downplay the power of a reservation at night. These places get busy most nights (especially in summer), so it’s always a good idea to book ahead.
  • Check out these rooftop bars’ Instagram pages. They’ll usually post any discounts or events there first.

Rome Rooftop Bars: Map 

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