Visiting Mauritius? The gorgeous Chamarel Waterfalls, or Cascades de Chamarel, should be at the top of your list. Here’s what you need to know to plan your trip. 

As some of you will know, I got back from another incredible trip to Mauritius a few weeks ago. What an experience! It’s my third time visiting this stunning island and, once again, the reality didn’t disappoint.

Read this practical guide to help you plan your visit to the falls.

Why Visit Chamarel Waterfall ?

The waterfall drops into a basin

Chamarel Waterfall is one of the must-visit attractions in Mauritius, along with its close neighbours the seven-coloured earth and the Chamarel rum distillery.

I can totally see why. My visit to Chamarel was one of the real highlights during my time in Mauritius.

The falls are beautiful, dropping 83m into a large amphitheatre, flanked by dark volcanic rock and surrounded by lush greenery (including coffee plants and palm salad trees).

The falls take their name from the nearby Chamarel village and are situated within the Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius’ largest park protecting the island’s last remaining rainforest. They’re fed by the St Denis River.

Viewing Points

There are two main viewing points for the Chamarel Waterfall – the upper and lower viewpoints.

The Upper Deck

At the upper deck

The upper deck is actually two viewpoints, connected via a short flight of stairs.

Although they are close together, I was surprised by how different the perspectives of the falls were from the two upper viewing points. Make sure that you do both.

The Lower Deck

Obviously the views from the lower deck are completely different. If you make your way to the lower deck, you can also swim at the bottom of the falls. Don’t forget your costume!

Abseiling Down the Chamarel Falls

If that all sounds a little tame, you can book your spot to abseil (rappel) down the falls. I’m gutted that I didn’t get to try this while I was there (maybe – actually it looks pretty scary), but if it takes your fancy, book here.

Top Tips for Planning Your Visit to Chamarel Waterfall

When is the Best Time to Visit?

You can visit year round. The falls tend to be at their fullest between December to March, which is Mauritius’ wet season. During drier months, the falls can sometimes split into two, but are no less impressive overall.

Visiting Independently

You can visit without a tour, but only if you have rented a car or take a taxi.

Visiting On a Tour

The Chamarel Falls are pretty much always included in any tour of the South of Mauritius.

The one I’ve included below lasts all day, and also takes you to the Seven Coloured Earth, Chamarel’s Rum Distillery (highly recommended) and the Sacred Lake of Grand Bassin, among other things.

Alternatively, you can book a private tour with your hotel easily enough.


Chamarel Waterfall, Rivière Noire, Chamarel, Mauritius

Opening Times

The falls are open daily from 8.30am  – 5pm.

Entrance Fee

The entrance to the falls is included with your ticket to the Seven Coloured Earth.

Tickets cost 200 Mauritian Rupees for adults and 100 Mauritian Rupees for children (prices listed are for non-residents).  

Top Tip

The steps between the two upper viewing levels for the fall aren’t completely even, so I’d suggest wearing reliable footwear, but you’ll probably be fine in flip flops anyway.


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  1. Many useful tips there, thanks for sharing in the article! Indeed, there is much to do in Mauritius. Kite surfing as well as reef snorkeling are popular pastimes here, and while you are at it, make sure to try the delicious seafood!

    1. Thanks David – so glad that you enjoyed. Ate a ton of seafood while I was there and it was delicious!

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