Picking the right shoes for travel can be a tricky business. We’ve rated and reviewed the best travel shoes for men to keep you comfortable and stylish.

Whether you’re packing for a city break, a laid-back getaway or something more adventurous, you’re probably going to spend lots of time on your feet.  So, a good pair of travel shoes are a must.

These are our top picks right now…

Best Travel Shoes For Men

Converse All Star Low Black Mono – All-Round Best Travel Shoes For Men

Price Guide: $

A stone-cold classic, the Converse All Star is our go-to shoe for a huge variety of trips. Lightweight, understated, timelessly stylish and pretty versatile, we almost always find a space to include them.

Originally designed in the 1920s by Charles “Chuck” Taylor as a basketball shoe, the All Star has stood the test of time as a style icon. They offer simplicity, comfort and an effortless cool.

We’ve worn them to the beach, around town, to 5-star hotel restaurants, museums and temples, from 40°C in Bangkok, to -10°C in New York. Almost everywhere.

As an all-rounder there are limitations.  The canvas upper is not waterproof and the innersole is completely flat, so some people may find the lack of support uncomfortable for all day city walking . What’s more, they are certainly not to be recommended for hiking or walking in rough terrain.


  • Timeless style
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Lack of foot support
  • Not suitable for hiking

Columbia Vitesse Fasttrack – Best Waterproof Travel Shoes for Men

Price guide: $$

Travellers will need a pair of shoes that can handle all kinds of weather, which is why we love the Columbia Vitesse Fasttrack sneakers. With advanced Omni-Tech waterproof technology, these shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter what.

But that’s not all – these shoes also offer comfort and support thanks to an ultralight EVA midsole that provides high energy return. 

And, with Columbia’s signature Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber outsole (a very fancy term that basically means a sole that won’t mark the floor), you can wear them on the street or indoors without worrying about scuffs.

We suppose the only downside is that the colourway and style of the shoe aren’t the coolest – we do love the Steam/Red Quarts option, though – but, who cares when a shoe handles water THIS well?


  • Extremely waterproof
  • Longlasting
  • Omni-Grip rubber sole


  • Not the most stylish
  • Not the best for hiking very rugged routes

Clarks Desert Boots – Best Casual Travel Shoes for Men

Price Guide: $$$

Our pick for the best men’s casual travel shoes are another classic. Clarks Desert Boots, like the Converse All Stars, are a great choice if you want something low-key, smart and practical. The pair of shoes has been famously worn by Liam Gallagher and Steve McQueen, so you’ll be in good company.

Lightweight, cool in summer and classically stylish, the suede uppers and crepe sole offer all day comfort and are particularly suitable for trips with variable weather conditions.

They are also available in a smooth leather finish which gives even more versatility if your trip may include some wetter days.

Casual enough to pair with jeans and a t-shirt, Clarks Desert Boots are equally at home with smarter clothes (even the right suit), so are great for more formal occasions too.

Boots can be a nuisance to lace up.  We’ve all been that person at airport security, struggling to unlace and re-lace our boots, trying to ignore the heat of a hundred impatient eyes in the queue behind us.

Clarks Desert Boots, although lace-ups, have only two pairs of eyelets, so are as easy to take on and off as shoes. Phew!


  • Stylish all-rounders
  • Good for variable weather conditions
  • Easy to take on and off for boots


  • Suede finish not the best option for very wet weather
  • Not suitable for hiking

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals – Best Travel Sandals for Men

Price guide: $$

Comfortable, stylish, sandals. Not normally three words you would expect to find together, which is why a pair of Birkenstock Arizonas is our choice for the best travel sandals for men.

Available in a huge range of different colors in both leather and synthetic alternatives, the unisex Arizona is a great choice.

Two width fittings are offered. Combined with the adjustable buckles, this means there’s a great fit on top, with ‘out of the box’ comfort. The contoured inner sole gives exceptional support and the distinctive cork sole means they are breathable and more foot-friendly than any regular sandal has a right to be.

As a regular, everyday sandal, these are not suitable for hiking (you’ll need to look for specific hiking sandals if this is your thing).

However, they are smart enough to wear for casual dinners, will cut a dash in the city as well as serve you effortlessly at the beach and by the pool. We would recommend you try and keep them dry, as we have experienced a drop in comfort after several soakings.


  • Sandals that look great
  • Comfortable
  • Huge range of finishes, including vegan


  • Not great when regularly soaked in water

New Balance 574 Natural Outdoor – Best Travel Sneakers for Men

Price Guide: ££

So far in this article, we have chosen travel shoes that don’t look like sneakers, time to change that. The New Balance 574 is our choice of best men’s travel sneakers. A classic sneaker (trainer), the 574 offers stylish, timeless good looks, with exceptional comfort and fit.

We’ve specifically selected the ‘Natural Outdoor’ version of the 574 as it combines premium materials and finishes with classic looks.  The non-marking sole is great for urban spaces, galleries and museums.

Being a sneaker, there’s great foot support and comfort, so all day wear is a breeze. Although far from a hiking shoe, the 574 deals remarkably well with an impromptu walk. We’ve worn them for 15 mile treks on the South Downs in the UK (in summer) for example.

Ultimately, the New Balance 574 is a sneaker, a very nice one in our opinion. By their very nature, sneakers make great travel shoes – light, comfortable and available in a myriad of colours and styles.

Choose something that suits your taste and destination – for us, the New Balance 574 is a great option.


  • Classic sneaker looks
  • Nice materials and detailing
  • Non-marking sole


  • It’s a ‘lifestyle’ sneaker, not waterproof or really suitable for serious hiking

Nike Men’s Trail Running Shoes – Best Lightweight Travel Shoe for Men

Price guide: $$

The featherweight Nike Trail Running Shoes is our pick as the best men’s lightweight travel shoes. 

If you’re packing light, then the Nike Trails are a great option with simple, understated looks and a wide choice of colours (including a very subtle all black).  They offer comfort and practicality in most scenarios.

If your trip is focused on hiking or adventure, then you’ll no doubt choose to wear your hiking boots on flights and transfers. Doing this will enable your pack to be as light as possible. 

Not everyone wants to spend the entire trip in big, clumsy boots however, so packing some really lightweight sneakers is a great way to have some more flexible footwear choices on hand (or should that be foot…?)

Claimed to be light and flexible, at each step, the foam responds to the movements of the foot. This, combined with a breathable, stretchy upper flyknit that contours to your foot, makes these sneakers a no-brainer.


  • Lightweight
  • Understated looks
  • Comfort and foot support


  • Some reports of the mesh wearing quickly, especially over the toe

Havaianas – Best Flip Flops for Men

Price guide: $

Flip-flops are just flip-flops, right? Wrong. In our experience a bad pair of flip-flops can be a pain, we’ve all experience rubbing in between our toes and how many times does the toe-peg pull through the sole on a cheap pair?

Havaianas are, in our experience, the best flip flops for men (or anyone for that matter). They may look like a normal pair of flip-flops, but they have a reputation as the best for good reason.

If you are traveling to anywhere near the equator, or plan to spend a lot of time on the beach or by the pool, you’d be nuts not to pack some flip-flops.

The simple, durable design of a pair of Havaianas offers comfort and practicality in places where you’d really rather be barefoot, but need something to protect your delicate soles from whatever is on the ground.

Available in a dizzying array of colours, although Havaianas are a little more expensive than cheap imitators, they’re worth the extra cash for their superior quality.

Clearly, a pair of Havaianas are just a pair of flip-flops (albeit a great pair), so don’t expect to try and hike up a rocky path on an island adventure (been there, done that) in any comfort or safety. As a travel essential to protect your feet in the most minimal package you really can’t beat them.


  • Essential packing for hot or tropical destinations
  • Simple, cheap and durable


  • They are flip-flops – so not for tougher situations

Nike Benassi Slides – Best Beach/Poolside Travel Shoes for Men

Price guide: $$

Love them or hate them, a pair of sliders are perfect for hopping between the beach and pool on lazy days, and these Nike slides are the ultimate option.

The sliders might not win any awards for being a solid hiking shoe (don’t try it, no matter how invincible you feel, you WILL regret it), but they are lightweight and comfortable with a soft midsole foam and synthetic leather. 

While we honestly wouldn’t take these shoes at anything more than face value as a great alternative to a flip-flop near the pool, the sandal has flex grooves to move with your foot and a foam outsole for impact protection, which sounds pretty cool, we think.


  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Stylish


  • Not great for walking further than to the beach/pool
  • Fairly expensive for what they are

Berghaus Expeditor AQ Ridge – Best Travel Hiking Boots for Men

If you enjoy getting off the beaten track whilst traveling, then you need a good pair of lightweight hiking boots. We chose the Berghaus Expeditor as our best travel hiking boots for men as they are a great all-day comfort boot, combining light weight, ruggedness and all-terrain suitability.

The uppers utilise 1.8mm full grain leather and breathable mesh panels, combining the benefits of both materials with Berghaus’ AQ breathable waterproof membrane for superior ankle support and comfort.

The EVA sole unit with OPTI-STUD tread pattern ensures secure grip and control on rough, loose and wet surfaces. So, exactly what you need in a hiking boot. Another key feature we approve of is the cut-out in the heel to prevent bruising to the achilles tendon.

Weighing in at a little over 1kg a pair, these are pretty lightweight for a pair of full-on hiking boots.  We like their reasonably understated, sporty look.

The Expeditor AQ Ridge is also featured on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Recommended Kit List, so don’t just take our word for it.

We would always recommend that if you are traveling anywhere with a view to hiking or exploring the back-country, then pack some proper hiking boots.  Your feet and ankles will thank you for it.


  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Bulky if you plan to pack them

Price guide: $$$

Best Travel Shoes for Men: Things to Consider Before You Buy


We’re guessing that for the most part, you don’t plan to take a series of traveling chests wherever you go and shoes are one of the bulkier items you’ll have to carry.

Think versatile. With the exception of the hiking boots and flip-flops, we’ve chosen footwear that is versatile. Ones that can stand up to a full day on your feet, an unexpected schlep to a landmark or beauty spot, but can also not show you up if you wear them out in civilised company.


This really should be a given with any shoe, but on your travels, being stuck with only one or two options that are uncomfortable or unsuitable is no fun at all. Comfort really needs to be your priority.


Where are you traveling to and what will you do there? A lot of this is obvious stuff, but it’s nice to be able to go out for dinner with something on your feet that don’t look like your day job is as a Power Ranger.

On the other hand, nobody wants to climb a volcano in bench-made brogues, and wet / sweaty / cold / blistered feet are horrible.


Think light here. Even if you plan to wear them on every flight and transfer, at some point you may well end up carrying your shoes.


If you are buying shoes you know you will pack, choose materials and designs that will survive getting squashed or crushed without permanent damage. Heavily structured, crease-prone designs are not best suited. Save those lovely handmade Italian loafers for your next road trip!

There we have it, the best travel shoes for men. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. Enjoy your travels.

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