Atacama Desert Map

The Atacama Desert is a fantastic place, so here’s a map of the desert with the top spots you shouldn’t miss.

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Atacama Desert Chile

Sights Featured on the Atacama Map 

A little more information on the places featured on the Atacama Desert, Chile, map! 

1. Laguna Chaxa


Sitting within the heart of Salar de Atacama, the sizable Laguna Chaxa is your go-to spot to witness thousands of flamingos during winter. 

2. Laguna Tebinquinche


Resting in the northern part of Salar de Atacama is Laguna Tebinquinche. Catch the sunset here as the skies and surrounding grounds blend to mimic molten lava flowing around you.

3. Cejar Laguna

Julianna Barnaby, Cejar Lagoon, Atacama Desert, Chile

If you’re in the mood for a unique experience or just to cool off after a hot day in the desert, head to Cejar Laguna. Here, you can swim, but it’s better to float – think Dead Sea vibes. 

4. Toconao Village

How could you not want to visit the oldest village in the region? As the site of the highest-altitude vineyard in Chile, it’s a must-visit.

5. Tamarugos Forest

Take time to visit the Tamarugos Forest. A woodland region brimming with tamarugo trees, one of the few plant species that survive at these high altitudes.

6. Devil’s Throat

For all the mountain biking fanatics out there, add a run of the Devil’s Throat to your trip. This dried-up riverbed runs through a canyon, providing the ideal landscape to get your bike out.

7. Piedras Rojas

Julianna Barnaby, Piedras Rojas and Salar de Talar, Atacama Desert, Chile-3

While many high-altitude lakes exist in the Atacama, Piedras Rojas is a standout thanks to its crazy kaleidoscope of colours. You can also spot flamingoes here during summer.

8. Volcano Capur

Piedras Rojas and Salar de Talar, Atacama Desert, Chile-8

An impressive volcano, even by Atacama standards. Its dazzling display of colours that change from one moment to the next perched next to an equally stunning lake is almost ethereal.

9. Miscanti Lake 

Laguna Miscanti, Atacama Desert, Chile-2

Resting in the altiplano of the Antofagasta region, the Miscanti Lake is astonishing to see. Why? It’s all thanks to the towering volcanoes surrounding it, namely Miscanti and Minaqui.

10. Socaire Village

Most famous for its 700-year-old church, the small village of Socaire is the perfect spot to see the Incan fields, from which the Andes got their name.

11. Born Canyon

A small patch of life in the altiplano, Born Canyon has some of the most stunning local bird species calling it home and is the source of water for Socaire.

12. Salar de Pujsa


A hidden gem alongside the Bolivia and Argentina borders, not many visit this salt flat. If you do, though, you’ll find the gorgeous Laguna Tara.

13. Salar de Tara


Located in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, you’re in for some of the best views in the Atacama. Prepare to spot a massive variety of wildlife and flamingos.

14. Salar de Quisquiro


Just before you hit Argentina, gird your loins for a bone-rattling adventure to Salar de Quisquiro. Its incredible size and the solitude you’ll find here is beyond compare.

15. El Tatio Geysers

Sunrise El Tatio Geysers, Atacama Desert, Chile-24

The geysers of the El Tatio geothermal field, the third-largest in the world, is a can’t miss. Head south for an epic collection of geysers and north to see the biggest fumaroles.

16. Guatin Canyon

Hiking in Guatin Canyon

A lush cactus-filled canyon. If you’ve got the energy and yearning for hiking fun, visit Guatin Canyon.

17. Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna 

Translated as “The Valley of The Moon” the Valle de la Luna is a magical sight, but I recommend going for sunrise as you’ll likely have the entire valley to yourself.

18. Tulor Archaeological Site

Thrill-seeking and adrenaline-rushing aside, the Tulor Archaeological Site is a must-visit if you want to understand local history.

19. Rainbow Valley

Although a “newer” attraction, this million-year-old valley stuns with its showcase of multicoloured rocks.

20. Cordillera de Sal


Enough sunrise-chasing. If you want to marvel at the stars, there’s no better spot in the Atacama than Ckamur and the Cordillera de Sal.

21. San Pedro de Atacama 

Caracoles, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The small town of San Pedro de Atacama sits at the heart of the Atacama Desert and is the perfect jumping off point for most adventures in the region. 

Map of The Atacama Desert, Chile: Practical Tips

  • The Atacama features some of the most diverse landscapes worldwide – ensure you’re well prepared with kit for hot and cold weather as the temperature can vary drastically between day and night. 
  • Altitude sickness is real, so take every precaution you can. Plan your days so you ascend in altitude gradually rather than rushing to the highest point on the first day. 
  • While there are many excellent hotels in the Atacama, it’s also a great spot to book a campervan and take to the roads on a solo adventure 

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