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The Perfect Bali 2 Week Itinerary

The Perfect Bali 2 Week Itinerary

Creating the perfect Bali itinerary can be a difficult task – no matter how long you have on this magical island, you will always end up wishing that you had more. Use this detailed 2 weeks in Bali itinerary to help you plan your trip.

Bali is a dream destination – packed with temples, gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant culture – it’s no wonder that you’re excited about planning your trip there. 

Because you are excited right? You’ve booked your flights and now you’re working out how to plan your Bali itinerary. 

I’ll be honest with you, creating your itinerary for two weeks in Bali is tough.

Don’t worry – you’ve got this. I’m going to help you plan a kickass Bali itinerary for 2 weeks. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in Bali on and off and each time I fall in love with the island that little bit more. That’s why I’ve created this cool Bali travel route for you. 

We’re going to hang out in some of Bali’s coolest spots, seeing the best of the island in 14 days. Let’s go!

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Bali 2 Week Itinerary Map 

Click here for a map of the destinations featured in this guide.

2 Weeks in Bali – Practical Tips for Your Trip 

Self Guided or a Group Tour? 

Independent trips are an adventure. If you have the time to plan or the whim to discover, you can easily have a brilliant time in Bali. 

A group tour, however, also has its upsides. With a group tour, like these 14-day Bali tours from Intrepid Travel and G Adventures, you are guaranteed to miss nothing as you’re being helped and shown around by professionals. 

You get all of the fun and the opportunity to travel with a group of like-minded individuals, without any of the hassle of planning. 

Ultimately, whether you go self-guided or on a group tour for your Bali itinerary will depend on how you like to travel. 

Is Two Weeks in Bali Enough? How Long Should I Stay?

Two weeks in Bali is a good amount of time to allow you to explore the island without having to do it at a breakneck pace. 

You won’t be able to see everything and that’s fine – you don’t need to try. Pick three or four locations, allow for some beach time and take the time to explore. 

2 Weeks in Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces

That said, if you do have longer, there’s easily enough to keep you entertained for a three or four week trip. My most recent trip was a month long and I could have stayed a month longer. 

What to Pack for Your Bali 2 Week Itinerary 

Here are a few essential things to pack for your Bali trip.

  • Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok Guide – Useful maps, suggestions for off the beaten track destinations and a comprehensive guide to the different parts of the island. 
  • Hiking Boots – While having flip flops is always a must for a beach paradise, chances are you’ll be doing some hiking and long walks during your 2 weeks in Bali – have some comfy and sturdy hiking boots with you.
  • Microfibre Towel – A towel can save you on the beach, in your hostel, and just about anywhere. Make sure to have one in your bag for whenever you might need it. I love these ones from Dock & Bay.
  • Sunscreen – Never ever play chicken with the sun. Try and bring reef-friendly suncream to help protect Bali’s reefs. 
  • Steripen – Bali’s beaches are overwhelmed by single-use plastic washed in by the ocean. Do your bit to avoid contributing to the problem and bring a steripen to sterilize tap water to make it drinkable. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle – Be sure to sterilize the water you’re using though. Bali belly is a real thing. 

Is it Easy to Travel Around Bali? 

There’s pretty much zero public transport in Bali, so you will need to get a taxi, transfer or driver to get you pretty much everywhere.

The other option is to hire a scooter to move in between locations. I’m personally very clumsy so didn’t opt for this but know lots of people who did as it’s cheaper and makes getting from A to B so much easier during your time on the island.

A driver will cost around 550k Indonesian Rupiah (INR) for a full day, 400k INR for a half day. Be prepared to negotiate prices in advance for shorter trips. Alternatively you can book a driver online through Get Your Guide

For transfers, it’s a great idea to book a transfer from the airport to your hotel. You can also usually book transfers from your Bali hotel to the airport. 

Useful Resources for Your Bali Itinerary 

Here are some useful resources which will help you with your Bali two weeks itinerary: – A fantastic service which I always use to find the perfect hotel for me, with helpful user ratings, key information, and honest photos. – Another great choice for booking hotels and hostels.

Tripadvisor – A site for booking hotels and hostels, with the added bonus of having thousands of reviews for tourist destinations, restaurants, cafes; anything you might want to do while you explore Bali in two weeks.

Get Your Guide – An amazing site which you can use to book group tours and experiences for yourself to slot into your Bali 2 week itinerary. They also offer hotel pick-up and airport transfers.Viator – Another option for finding fantastic tours, excursions and experiences in Bali and around the world.

2 Week Bali Itinerary

This Bali two week itinerary covers four destinations with a few day trips. Let’s face it – it can be pretty tiring if you are moving around every night and ain’t nobody want to come back from a trip more exhausted than when they set off on it. 

Bali 2 Week Itinerary Days 1 – 4: Canggu

Canggu is very much one of the new kids on the cool block when it comes to spending time in Bali. 

You can see why – with its laid-back Instagram aesthetic, reputation as a surfer’s paradise and plentiful beach bars and sundowner spots, it was only a matter of time before Canggu found itself on many a Bali-bound traveller’s radar.

Canggu is one of my favourite spots in Bali and a great place to start your two week Bali itinerary. It’s more relaxed than party-central Kuta but without the never-ending pretension of Seminyak. 

That said, its growing popularity has meant that it’s becoming one of the more expensive places to stay in Bali.

What’s more, Canggu is within easy reach of several other Balinese hotspots, such as Kuta and Legian further down the bay and Tanah Lot, one of Bali’s famous sea temples.

Canggu is one of my favourite spots in Bali and a great place to start your trip. It’s more relaxed than party-central Kuta but without the never-ending pretension of Seminyak. That said, its growing popularity has meant that it’s becoming one of the more expensive places to stay in Bali.

What’s more, Canggu is within easy reach of several other Balinese hotspots, such as Kuta and Legian further down the bay and Tanah Lot, one of Bali’s famous sea temples.

Canggu Highlights

Breakfast/ Brunch

Canggu’s food scene is poppin’. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a place with so many outstanding breakfasts and brunches – it seriously takes the meal to a new level. Brunch is a serious pastime in Canggu, one which you should indulge in at least once during your stay.

My favourite spot Milk & Madu actually burnt down just before I left but they’ve since rebuilt it – go visit, it’s fabulous. Try their minted pea and feta on sourdough and wash it down with the best coffee in town (I don’t say this lightly, I’m very fussy when it comes to my morning dose of caffeine).

Motion Cafe has a tasty health-oriented menu. I picked the sweet potato waffle with smoked salmon and cream cheese more out of curiosity than anticipation, yet found myself ordering it on the numerous times I stopped by for breakfast.

Other delicious foodie hotspots include Watercress Bali on the Batu Belig side of Canggu, Crate Cafe and The Lawn.

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot - Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
The holy sea temple of Tanah Lot

A holy temple, perched on a small island just off the coast, amid the roar of crashing waves and black-sand beaches. Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most important and holiest sites.

Sounds incredible right? It is, that is before the crowds hit and you’re all fighting for your square metre to take a picture without getting drenched.

While Tanah Lot isn’t in Canggu itself, it’s only a 5-10 minute drive or scooter ride away, meaning you can get there early and pretty much get the site all to yourself.

Surfing on Echo Beach
Kitesurfers on the beach in Canggu
Kitesurfers on the beach in Canggu

OK, so I really don’t like surfing. I’ve tried it a few times and not only am I terrible at it (which was pretty much a given as I’m notoriously uncoordinated and unbalanced), turns out I really don’t like being smashed in the face repeatedly with salty water.

So why am I recommending that you try it during your Bali itinerary? Valid question – the answer to which is because you’ll never know unless you try it yourself and Canggu is the perfect place to take a lesson and work on your technique.

Learn a New Skill

Canggu has become a real entrepreneurial hub, with co-working spaces such as Dojo attracting digital nomads and entrepreneurs. This has translated into a thriving scene of cool experiences and things to do.

The myriad of classes and experiences on offer means that Canggu is the perfect spot to pick up a new skill. I opted for the watercolour illustration class taught by NHissy Illustration and (to no-one’s surprise greater than my own), came home with new skills and some watercolour work I was actually proud of.

Work on Your Tan On Batu Bolong or Echo Beach

Canggu’s beaches are not the prettiest – in fact, if you were to pick a colour to describe them, it would be… grey. The colour comes from the volcanic minerals present in the sand.

Still, it doesn’t actually make a blind bit of difference when it comes to the important things: basking in that hot, hot Balinese sunshine and cooling off with a nice cold Bintang (the local beer), so really, who cares anyway.

Old Man’s

One of Canggu’s liveliest night time spots. Old Man’s also serve the best margaritas in town (this is a certified fact. I tested a large number of Margaritas during my stay) and have a banging hip-hop / rap/ rnb classics night on Wednesday that went straight to this London gal’s heart.

Going into Old Man’s is like entering into a rabbit hole – one night I bumped into an old colleague I worked with years ago, every night I made a new Bali bestie, you’ve got to give it a try.

Where to Stay in Canggu on Your Bali 2 Week Itinerary

The Slow


The Slow is a beautiful boutique hotel in the middle of Canggu. Think polished concrete, opulent art and a cool bar/ restaurant.

Wiras Village


Wiras Village is a small B&B set in a quieter area of Canggu. Rooms are spacious and airy, and there’s a nice communal area with a pool. Great value option.

Read my full guide to the best hotels in Bali, area by area

Bali 2 Week Itinerary Days 4-10: Ubud

Ubud is Bali’s spiritual and cultural hub. Packed with temples, yoga studios and surrounded by lush rice paddies and tropical forest, it’s one of Bali’s most enchanting destinations and a must-see spot during your two weeks in Bali.

Where Canggu is all about surfing, cocktails and brunches, Ubud is more about yoga, temples and traditional crafts.

It’s the kind of place where some people go to “find themselves” but even if that’s not your bag (being honest, it most certainly isn’t mine), there’s something about Ubud that will make you fall just the tiniest bit in love with it, even though you know that at least a proportion of the other people there read Eat, Pray, Love and it inspired them to do something other than throw the book (of drivel) in the bin.

While there’s plenty to do in Ubud itself, it’s also a great place to base yourself while exploring more of south-central and central Bali – see the suggested day trips at the end of the section.

Ubud Highlights

Ubud Monkey Forest (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary)
Ubud Monkey Forest - Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
Ubud Monkey Forest

Monkeys, like Marmite, split people into one of two camps. 

There are the “OMG these things are so cute, I think it’s really funny that that monkey has just nicked my £500 camera and dropped it from the top of a tree, smashing it into smithereens” peeps and there are the “get that thing away from me, does it have rabies, I think it has rabies, it’s eyes are all funny” kind of people.

I’m probably the latter (one day I’ll be able to talk about the time I was too scared to go to my overwater villa on a private island because the boardwalk was inhabited by a family of very aggressive monkeys. That day is not today).

But you know what, the Ubud Monkey Forest is a pretty incredible experience.

From the moment you step into the forest and down into the slightly creepy but atmospheric tunnel that leads into the forest, you are surrounded by the little scamps.

The sanctuary aims to embody the Hindu concept of “Tri Hata Karana”. This focuses on the idea that there are three ways to reach spiritual and physical wellbeing, one of which is a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment. As such, the monkey forest is a way of bringing about that harmony.

And there you were thinking it was just an opportunity to play with some cute monkeys.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Imagine a landscape of green, bright and lurid,  sculpted through centuries of agriculture into a series of undulating terraces. That’s Tegalalang. They crop up on pretty much every Bali itinerary out there – here’s why.

Now, I think these rice terraces are the tiniest bit overhyped. Bali is full of beautiful rice terraces, and for me, the UNESCO Jatiluwih ones are actually more striking. BUT. The Tegalalang terraces are a short distance from Ubud and are pretty magical anyway.

You should take a walk through the terraces. Come with cash and be prepared to pay it to a series of locals throughout the walk for permission to access their land. Go early in the morning – it’s cooler temperature-wise and there are fewer people about.

Balinese Dancing in Ubud Palace
Balinese Dancing in Ubud Bali
Balinese Dancers

Bali has a rich heritage of dancing. Dances that have evolved over centuries are still performed today and watching one of these performances should be on your Bali itinerary.

Ubud Palace or Puri Saren Agung, is the perfect place to catch a performance – the historical setting provides the perfect backdrop for the dramatic productions.

Read more about seeing traditional Balinese dance in Ubud.

Cooking Class
Final Balinese dishes from the cooking class
I made these!

Just don’t get me started on Balinese food. It’s SO good. I mean, it is ridiculously good. 

Do your future self a favour and take a Balinese cooking class while you are in town because you are going to want to know how to make some of this magic at home.

I’ve been to loads of cooking classes, some brilliant, some yawnsville and can honestly say, hand on heart, that the cooking class I took in the Pemulan Organic Farm School is one of the best I’ve ever done.

You start by going to the local Tegalalang Food Market to buy some ingredients, then you walk around the school’s own organic farm, learning about and picking more cookstuffs before going into the kitchen and learning how to turn it into tasty food.

Want to know more? Read my Bali food guide, complete with recipes to try at home.

Jewellery Making Class

You can pretty much try your hand at almost every craft and skill while you are in Ubud, but you should definitely give the silver jewellery making a go.

You are given a square of silver and then shown the skills to help you transform it into a ring, earrings or jewellery of your choice.

Visit Some Temples

There are a number of interesting temples in and around Ubud that are well worth visiting during your time in town.

These range from the immersive Pura Tirtul Empul water temple, where you can bathe in the holy pools, to Goa Gajar Elephant Cave Temple (I’m just going to manage expectations here and tell you that no, there aren’t any elephants in a cave at the temple).

Others include Saraswati Temple, Gunung Kawi and Gunung Kawi Sabatu.

Yoga Class

Yoga and Ubud go hand in hand. There are so many studios in Ubud that your main difficulty is going to be choosing which one to try.

Big names such as The Yoga Barn offer a diverse range of classes for every level, or you can go the whole hog and book onto a yoga retreat like we did read about it here.

These spots are not in Ubud but well worth taking a day trip for!

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
Jatiluweh Rice Terraces - Best Things to do in Tabanan, Bali #beautifulplaces #traveldestinations #indonesia
Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

If you excuse my French, these rice terraces are worth losing your shit over.

The terraces, which are spread out over 300 acres, have been designated as a UNESCO heritage site, are much quieter than their Tegalalang counterparts and there’s a cool 2-3 hour walk you can take through the terraces too.

Book a two-hour electric bicycle tour of the Jatiluwih rice terraces.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
Ulun Bratan Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
The floating temple

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is one of the most famous temples in Bali.

The “floating temple” is set on Lake Bratan and floats on the lake depending on the water level. The higher altitude can mean it is often misty here, which can make for some nicely atmospheric snaps.

Pura Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple - Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
Taman Ayun

Pura Taman Ayun is a temple complex set in the midst of perfectly maintained tropical gardens.

Though the central complex itself is off-limits for non Hindus, its beautiful gardens and gorgeous location make for a nice morning out.

Pod Chocolate

Chocolate lovers beware. Pod Chocolate is highly addictive. This small-batch chocolate producer makes high-quality chocolate sourced from the best Indonesian cacao.

Their visitor’s hub is well worth a visit – I learnt a lot about the chocolate-making process AND you get to buy bars of the good stuff at the best prices you’ll find on the island. Win win.

Mount Batur

I didn’t get a chance to hike Mount Batur thanks to my visit being in the middle of the rainy season – it’s firmly on the list for my next visit to Bali.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has rated the hike highly – you set off in the middle of the night so you can see sunrise from the top of the volcano.

Book your sunrise hike on Mount Batur

Cafe Vespa

Cafe Vespa is a cute cafe come restaurant with a delicious international menu and great coffee (they say it’s the best in Ubud, and you know what, they might be right).


Cocktails or dessert? The correct answer is both. Internationally-acclaimed chef Will Goldfarb creates stellar after-dinner concoctions of both the sweet and drinkable varieties at Room4Dessert. Honestly, their negronis are nothing short of divine.

Where to Stay in Ubud

Chedi Tanah Gajah


The Chedi Tanah Gajah quiet and secluded luxury hotel on the outskirts of Ubud. Book one of the private pool villas for the ultimate luxury Ubud experience.

Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa


Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa is a centrally located hotel with all the creature comforts at an affordable price.

Suggested Read: Where to stay in Bali

Bali 2 Week Itinerary Days 10-12: Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Lembongan - Jeda Village Bali
Flickr – Jeda Village Bali

You know all those stunning Bali beach pics you see on Instagram. The ones with emerald waters, soft sandy beaches and some person striking a low-level annoying pose accompanied by a mysterious caption?

There’s a good chance that they’ve been taken on Nusa Lembongan.

Don’t let the annoying Instacrowd put you off though. Nusa Lembongan is an island paradise and one that you should spend some time on during your two weeks in Bali. It’s also connected to its neighbour Nusa Ceningan by the aptly-named Yellow Bridge.

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Highlights

Snorkelling and Diving

Nusa Lembongan is surrounded with good snorkelling and diving spots. You can go snorkelling with manta rays, see tropical sunfish and witness the thriving sea life around the coral surrounding the islands.

Day Trip to Nusa Penida

A 20 minute boat ride away from Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida is actually the largest of the three islands and has its own share of cool things to do and see – including some brilliant snorkelling and the stunning Atuh Beach.

Spend Time on the Islands’ Beaches

You should set some time aside for sunbathing on Nusa Lembongan’s stunning beaches. Start with Dream Beach, before moving on to Sandy Bay, Mushroom Beach and Coconut Bay.

Where to Stay in Nusa Lembongan

Lembongan Beach Club and Resort


Private villas (many of which come with private pools) on the beachfront. Check availability and prices.

Blue Corner Dive Resort Lembongan


A cute resort with a stretch of private beach and an in-house dive school. Check availability and prices.

Read more about Nusa Lembongan

You can skip the Nusa islands and use the time to go to the Gili Islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air (which are actually part of Lombok, not Bali).

You can definitely do this as part of your Bali two week itinerary, but I’d suggest you spend days 10-13 at least and then come back to the mainland on the day before your flight home.

Bali 2 Week Itinerary Days 12-14: Bukit Peninsula

Balangan Beach - Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
Beaut isn’t it?

It’s almost time to go home, and time to head back onto the mainland. Take the boat back to Sanur (PS – if you have the time to stop, the food in Sanur is banging) and transfer to the Bukit Peninsula – the tiny teardrop-shaped area on Bali’s southernmost tip.

The true south of Bali is a lot quieter than the bustling hubs of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and (to a smaller degree) Jimbaran.

Unlike some parts of the island, where the beaches are kind of an unappealing grey, the Bukit peninsula is brimming with small, white sand beaches, fringed with turquoise waters.

Base yourself in one of the small beach resorts (I’d suggest low-key Bingin Beach) that line the peninsula for a last spot of Bali chill before you head back home.

Bukit Peninsula Highlights

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is easy to reach and not too busy, despite its picture-perfect location. Bingin is popular with surfers, who come to coast its year-round swells. Other than that, the beach is framed by gorgeous limestone cliffs – making it one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Balangan Beach

Unlike many beaches on the peninsula, Balangan is easy to get to by scooter and car – it’s a short descent from the car park down to the gorgeous sandy beach tucked between the cliffs.

Though the views from the beach itself are stunning, head up to the panoramic lookout above for a bird’s eye view of the beach.

Uluwatu Sea Temple
Uluwatu Temple, Bali Itinerary #traveldestinations #bali #beautifulplaces
Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu is another must-see sea temple, this time set in a striking location perched high on a jutting cliff. Its spectacular setting, tucked behind a verdant forest filled with lively monkeys is no small part of its appeal and it’s well-known for being one of the best spots to see the sunset on the island.

There’s also a nightly kecak (traditional Balinese dance) performance at 6pm in an amphitheatre carved into the rock.

Sundays Beach Club

Sundays Beach Club was made for lazy days on the beach, cocktail in hand accompanied by cooling dips in the sea. The perfect spot for a bit of chillaxing after your hectic two weeks in Bali.

The Cashew Tree

Steps away from Bingin, The Cashew Tree is a cafe-come-restaurant-and-bar. There’s no better place for a spot of yoga followed by a relaxed acoustic music session by the shore.

Where to Stay on the Bukit Peninsula

Anantara Uluwatu


It’s a bit of a splurge but if you have the cash to stay at the Anantara Uluwatu, you’re rewarded with a chic, stylish resort overlooking the ocean near to Uluwatu.

The Inn Possible


Even apart from the super-cute name, The Inn Possible is a great spot to bed down in Bingin. Simple decor is paired with ocean views and friendly service for a low-cost option.

Final Thoughts on Your Two Weeks in Bali 

I hope you’ve found this itinerary for 2 weeks in Bali useful. As ever, drop me a message in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you right away. Enjoy your trip!

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