Discover the best restaurants in Dubrovnik with this insider’s guide. From high-end spots to local eats – these are the Dubrovnik restaurants you need to try.  

It’s no secret that Dubrovnik is a beloved jewel on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Once part of the independent republic of Ragusa, Dubrovnik traded with merchants from around the world – a history that has left an indelible stamp on the city’s cuisine. 

Head to Dubrovnik and you will find an eclectic culinary scene that’s sure to delight. Seafood reigns supreme (of course) but even the most traditional eateries extend far beyond this. 

Ready to explore? These are the best restaurants in Dubrovnik 

The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik 

Restaurant Orsan


Restaurant Orsan

Restaurant Orsan is not only a fine dining restaurant, but also sports a (well-earned) reputation for being one of the best seafood  restaurants in the town. 

What’s to love? The setting for starters – an idyllic location on the waterside overlooking the bustling Orsan Yacht Club. 

Then there’s the food of course. Simple and classy and oozing pure finesse. Local ingredients reign supreme  – including sausage from the restaurant’s farm and they even make their olive oil.

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal Dubrovnik
Taj Mahal Dubrovnik

You could easily eat seafood for every single meal during your time in Dubrovnik. Do so and Bosnian restaurant Taj Mahal will come as a breath of fresh air. 

If you don’t know much about Bosnian cuisine – the Taj Mahal makes for a great introduction. Located in Old Town, and the menu celebrates the vibrant flavours of fresh herbs, vegetables and meat. 

Have your own cooking facilities while you’re in the city? The restaurant owns the butcher shop, Taj Butcheraj, which provides free-range sourced meat, and the vegetables are sourced from local farms throughout Croatia. 

Panorama Restaurant


Dubrovnik’s dramatic location means there is no shortage of eateries with jaw-dropping views, so it says something about Panorama Restaurant that it’s often named as having one of the city’s best. 

Located on the hill of Srđ, and only accessible by cable car, the restaurant features stunning high elevation views of the coastline and sea. 

The restaurant specialises in coastal seafood offerings – simple dishes but very well executed. 

Sound good? Beware that the restaurant can be booked months in advance during busy times so be sure to reserve well in advance. 



Croatia’s history has brought many influences to traditional Croatian cuisine. Kopun seeks to show off these diverse, but traditional offerings. The chefs focus on seafood and continental cuisine. 

Less expensive than other similar restaurants in Dubrovnik, Kopun doesn’t compromise on quality – it’s a great mid-range dining spot.

Konoba Veranda


Konoba Veranda aims to combine the feelings of comfort, grandparents, and the family kitchen. The family of restaurant operators and staff want to create memorable dining experiences for their guests. 

The atmosphere is cosy and family-oriented, and the chefs prepare traditional dishes from five regions of Croatia. 

Take note that the restaurant is located just outside of Dubrovnik, but it is well worth the effort to have the experience. 



Glorijet is a family-owned establishment that offers gourmet Mediterranean cuisine and local dishes. As with many Dubrovnik restaurants, I can wholeheartedly recommend opting for the catch of the day. 

Veggie? No problem – Glorijet is one of Dubrovnik’s few vegetarian-friendly restaurants – with a wide range of tasty dishes to tuck into. 

La Caravelle


La Caravelle is located in the Grand Villa Argentina hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Dubrovnik. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the option of indoor or patio dining. The chefs focus on prix fixe and a la carte selections of  “punchy” flavors that keep guests impressed. 

If you want to blend your meal and entertainment for the evening, La Caravelle is also a piano bar.



Dubrovnik offers many fusion restaurants and Azur is one of the best Asian-fusion options. That may be because Azur was actually founded in China, and then the owners brought the flavours to Dubrovnik. 

They blend Mediterranean and Asian concepts to give guests a unique experience and choose to focus on “fun dining, rather than fine dining.” 

Azur is currently closed until March 2022 for construction, but you will want to visit this internationally-acclaimed restaurant when it reopens. 

Levanat Restaurant


Levanat is a Mediterranean restaurant that is proud of its picturesque coastal views. They offer outdoor seating along the walking path that traverses the seaside. Guests note that the atmosphere at Levanat is a great option for a romantic setting. 

The menu stays true to the Dubrovnik dining experience with hot and cold starters, plentiful seafood options, and eight meat dishes. 

Stara Loza


Guests who want to dine in a historic setting in the heart of Old Town should be sure to visit Stara Loza

The restaurant offers traditional Dubrovnik cuisine, such as black risotto and many seafood selections. Stara Loza is located in Prijeko Palace, and it offers three unique dining areas. 

Guests can dine on the street-level terrace, the third-floor salon, or the rooftop terrace. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at street level, and the salon and rooftop serve dinner only.  

Restaurant Dubrovnik


Restaurant Dubrovnik is the choice for a fine dining experience of Croatian cuisine. The chefs use select local produce and seafood to create an experience that guests claim as a top dining choice. 

The two chef choice five-course tasting menus are the best way to experience the talent and delicacy of the haute cuisine in this beloved restaurant.

Bistro Tavulin


The chefs at Bistro Tavulin take pride in innovation. The four-course Dubrovnik Dinner is the best option for the price and the experience of a quality chef’s guidance. The restaurant is situated in a richly historic area in Old Town, which adds a charm that guests adore. Tavulin is a one-minute walk to the Rector’s Palace. 

If you are planning a day of touring the history of Old Town, Tavulin would be an excellent accompaniment to the day. 



For the ultimate in Dubrovnik fine dining, travellers should experience 360. The restaurant is located in the city of Old Town and it’s the only one in town with a Michelin star. The menu is uniquely Croatian, and guests recommend the tasting menu to get the very most of your experience. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is just as lauded as the food, and many guests claim that 360 is a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.



Nautika is a gem among Dubrovnik restaurants – and it’s no secret either. You’ll want to make a reservation in advance to snag one of their terrace seats, complete with stunning harbour views.

Opt for the seven-course tasting menu if you really want to be impressed – the exact menu rotates often but it’s guaranteed to include the likes of seafood, local meat and delicious veggie dishes.

Dubravka 1836


One of the dreamiest locations to chow down in Dubrovnik is Dubravka 1836. From the same team behind Nautika, this spot has epic views of the fortresses Lovrijenac, Bokar and Minčeta.

But it’s not just the views that impress – the toothsome Mediterranean menu consists of fresh seafood (some of the freshest in town, in my humble opinion) and juicy steaks that pair perfectly with fries and a crisp salad.

If you’re looking for a date night location that seriously wows, here’s where to dine. 



For hearty Mediterranean food in a laidback setting, head to Zuzori

With a particular focus on high-quality meat and fish, including the likes of Slavonian black pig and a beef tail that has been cooked for 24 hours, this spot is a no-nonsense spot for real food. Expect decent portions and even better prices.

Places to Eat in Dubrovnik on a Budget

Dubrovnik has plenty of low-cost restaurant options for diners who need to stick to a budget. Here are a few great choices:

Konoba Tabak


Konoba Tabak offers a casual barbecue experience that is favoured by locals. Go for authentic, budget eats without the crowds. 



Pantarul is another casual option that offers burgers and some traditional fare such as risotto, fish, and meat plates.

Pizzeria Tabasco


The Pizzeria Tabasco motto is “Better ingredients, better pizza.” If you are craving an easy pizza experience known to locals and tourists as the best, Tabasco is the winner. 



Casual eats in a totally-grammable setting? Yes, please. The Croatian street eats on offer at Barba are seriously delicious – sandwiches, salads and seafood done right.

Practical Tips for Exploring The Best Dubrovnik Restaurants

To get the most of the Dubrovnik restaurant selections, it is best to begin planning your trip as early as possible. 

Dining in a popular destination means you should check if the restaurant requires a reservation to dine. Calling the restaurant may not be as intimidating as you think. In addition to their Slavic language, about 80% of Croatians also speak English

If you don’t want to call ahead, many of the restaurants also have a reservation system online through their website.

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik: Map

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