Surrounded by stunning landscape, it’s no wonder that rooftop bars in Lisbon are in abundance. 

Whether you’re after an all-out party or more of a chilled evening sipping cocktails, there’s a spot made just for you somewhere atop a bar in the Portuguese capital.

Which ones are worth scouting out, I hear you ask? Read on for a guide to my favourites…

Best Rooftop Bars in Lisbon

LX Hostel Rooftop

As part of the LX hostel, this bar is one of the trendiest places in all of Lisbon. 

It’s a popular spot among the younger crowd – mainly due to the cheap (but strong) cocktails – and the terrace has a bohemian flavour, complete with colourful cushions and other amenities. 

Plus, this party pad has a wonderful view of the river and the bridge nearby. 

Topo Rooftop Bar

With a glass-hut indoor space complete with a beautiful outdoor terrace that features wooden boxes used as seating, Topo is unpretentious, undeniably chic, and a little bit trendy as well. 

This bar also serves very high-quality food, although it’s gained more fame for its premium cocktails – of which, the Pornstar Martini is an all-round winner. 

Whether you fancy an early evening drink or two, or want to head here to kick the evening off in style a little bit later, this bar is the top(o) spot in Lisbon.

Park Rooftop Bar

This particular destination may be difficult to find, but it’s well worth snooping around for.

I’ll give you a tip – you have to go through a parking garage and up an elevator to get there, but once you do, you’ll find a trendy rooftop joint with an open and airy feel to it.

The Park Rooftop Bar is an excellent place to enjoy cocktails (may I suggest the not-so-humble Mojito, which has been given a stellar twist) and perhaps a burger. People come here for the incredible sunset views, especially when on a romantic date. 

Rooftop Bar at Hotel Mundial

Perched on the 9th floor of the Mundial Hotel, this happening rooftop bar oozes sophistication. 

In the summertime, you can enjoy events with live jazz or listen to resident DJs fill the air with amazing music and guaranteed non-stop dancing. 

This bar boasts a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a mix of specialty and classic cocktails, burgers, tapas, and other fares while chilling amongst cool white furnishings. 

BAHR – Barrio Alto Hotel Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place that is ultimately stylish and sophisticated, yet relaxed and enjoyable, Barrio is your dream spot. 

Head here to enjoy delicious high-quality food along with ice-cold refreshing cocktails. Of which the Cosmos and Martinis are the standout options, though the extensive wine list is equally as tempting.

The owners recently renovated the locale, and it is now open for business again. You’ll find it on a 5th-floor rooftop venue with a bohemian feel with all of the modern amenities.

Level 8 Rooftop Bar

Level 8 offers one of the best views in the city. A bold claim that I’m willing to stand behind.

While it might be somewhat cold in the winter months, it’s a hot spot (quite literally) for parties in the summer. Enjoy delicious classic cocktails in a lively high-spirited atmosphere that is always full of fun, without question.

HF Fenix Music

This elegant and modern hotspot is as whimsical as it is playful, with a hopping nightlife that crowds of people flock to for all-night-long dancing and a wide selection of delicious food and light snacks. 

Featuring a rooftop bar complete with a swimming pool, you can enjoy drinks all night long, stopping only to take a dip in the pool whilst trendy music plays. 

UpScale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel

No words can describe this incredible spot on the rooftop of a 5-star hotel. But let me try.

Not only does this rooftop bar in Lisbon boast an infinity swimming pool, its excellence is bolstered with a world-class restaurant where you can enjoy delicious drinks in a bar atmosphere. 

The house special is the Upscale Colada, including rum, pineapple juice, and a healthy serving of coconut ice cream. If you are looking for a pool and lots of people to share it, this is your spot.

Rio Maravilha

Rio Maravilha rooftop bar is one of the finest popular destinations in Lisbon. 

You can always count on this bar for wild dancing and delicious food from a stocked menu, including crunchy pork belly (DROOL), corn dogs with pepper and jelly, and other treats for lunch or dinner. 

There’s also an iconic statue on the terrace where people take pictures – so grab yourself an ice cold beer and head to this bar for an evening of fun.

Silk Club

This destination is super exclusive (bordering on snooty, but #vibes). If you want the people and food to be as beautiful as you are, you’ve got to head there. 

Why bother? The bottle service direct to your table is excellent, and I have to admit that the cocktails are incredible. While it’s not the spot to sink rowdy shots, it’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion.

Such a prestigious spot, of course, ensures that you have to make a reservation. Oh, and make sure you arrive dressed to the nines – or the bouncer will (not so) politely refuse entry.

Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade

Situated near the shopping mecca known as Avenida da Liberdade, this five-star hotel Deck 7 Bar features a Jacuzzi as part of the amenities offered. What else could you possibly need?

Well, maybe brilliant drinks. Which Deck 7 delivers in abundance, by the way. Ranging from bottled beers, classic cocktails, wine, and a few more unusual cocktails, which I highly recommend taking a punt on.

In the daytime, the wooden decks are perfect for sunbathing. Towards the evening, you can enjoy the sublime food and drinks. 

Memmo Alfama Terrace

The Memmo Alfama Terrace features a beautiful and unusual red pool, one of the few of its kind. While it may be a bit challenging to get to, you can ask the locals to help you find it. Or, if that strikes fear into your heart, memorise the map I’ve included at the end of this article.

From the stunning views of the Tagus River to the moreish cocktails (I’m talking to you, lychee pisco sour), it’s definitely worth the search. 

Lost in Esplanada Bar

Last, but by no means least, this minimalistic and exceptionally relaxing rooftop bar sits atop of a hilltop terrace in the super hip Principi district. 

Lost in Esplanada is chic, with large overhanging trees providing shade in the summer. You can enjoy Indian-inspired cuisine and tranquil decor any time of the day here.

Drinks-wise, expect everything from the zingy Aperol Spritz and the smoky Negroni to a refreshing Gin Fizz, alongside a healthy selection of whiskey, beer, and wine.

Practical Tips for Exploring Rooftop Bars in Lisbon

  • Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and the dress code – if there is any. You may also want to take swimwear since some locales have pools you can enjoy. Bring a towel, sunscreen, or perhaps a good book if you plan to enjoy the pool area.
  • Make sure you know what type of bar you’re heading to – Lisbon is filled with party bars and chilled spots, so make sure you do a vibe check before turning up.
  • Views, views, views. Some of these spots offer breathtaking views of the sunsets, so time your boozing session just right and remember to snap a few pics. 
  • Another huge factor in choosing the perfect rooftop bar is proximity. Whether you want something close to your accommodation or fancy taking on a bar crawl, make sure you know just how far you’ll need to travel. Check out the map below to see just where these rooftop bars are in Lisbon.

Rooftop Bars in Lisbon: Map

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