Looking to visit the most charming fishing village in the Cyclades? Step back in time and stroll past the colourful boat houses in Klima –  arguably Milos’ prettiest spot.

One of the smallest villages on Milos, Klima is certainly one of its most photogenic, too. No joke. But enchanting as it is, it’s also very small. So is it worth spending some time visiting during your Milos trip? Absolutely. 

I had the same questions during my Milos research trip last October and was so glad that I made visiting Klima a priority. From strolling past the white-washed syrmata (seafront houses) with their colourful garages to eating at one of the island’s best restaurants, it’s a winner. 

Let’s explore. 

Things to Do in Klima 

See the Colourful Boat Houses

Klima is a historic village nestled on Milos’ shore on the Gulf of Milos, with roots dating back thousands of years. In fact, it was a prosperous mining town, thriving village and strategic port for international merchants and Milos residents.

You might notice that the fisherman’s village has an idyllic row of two-story white-washed houses, each with a colourful door. The doors were traditionally painted in unique shades to coordinate with the boats of the fishermen they belonged to. Simplicity is often brilliant.

Nowadays, the village is more of a nostalgic glimpse into a bygone time. The garages that housed the boats are now a mix of bed & breakfasts and a jewellery shop.

Watch the Sunset 

If you visit Klima earlier in the day, be sure to stay for the sunset – the light on the water is absolutely magical. The sunsets on Milos are just as beautiful as those on nearby Santorini, but with the additional benefit that you don’t have to elbow a million people to try and claim a decent spot to watch the spectacle. 

Spend some time just taking in the views and finding the best perspective for your photos, or doing as the locals do and grabbing a perch to watch the last light of the day. 

Hungry? Head to Astakas Cafe (which I cover in more detail below) for one of the best sunset views at one of my favourite restaurants in Milos.

Top Tip

You can park in the car park behind Astakas. It’s a steep drive down, but totally doable.

Astakas Cafe 


Grilled prawns, a glass of rose, and sidewalk tables with the ocean splashing at your feet? Yep. That’s Astakas Cafe. This isn’t the cheapest meal you’ll have in Milos, but it shouldn’t be. It checks every box you can want in a Milos restaurant.

First of all, it’s just down the block from those adorable fisherman houses in Klima, Milos, you’ve seen on all the socials. You can practically see the colourful boathouse doors from your table. 

The views of the Aegean Seas are absolutely stellar. Just know you’ll likely share the great sunset views with some rather pesky (but completely adorable) neighbourhood cats.

What about the food? Oh, the food. We enjoyed some of the freshest fish in Greece, along with delicious veggies and wine for under €100 for 2.

Expect classic dishes like fresh sea bream with dill, perfectly charred prawns, and risoni with squid ink that perfectly complements the gentle ocean breeze.

Visit Milos’ Catacombs 

Milos has a few historical sites that date back centuries. This shouldn’t be a big surprise since the island has had people living there for thousands of years.

The Catacombs are one of the most unique landmarks in the Cyclades, hosting a cemetery from as far back as 1AD. 

I know walking around admiring tombstones on a sunny day is a bit gloomy, but hear me out. Stepping through the underground maze of hallways and admiring the arched and horizontal tombs is really interesting.

First, a bit of a back story. Christians called Milos home thousands of years ago and built the catacombs to honour family, friends, and religious figures on the island. In total, as many as 8,000 people are buried here in both singular and paired tombs. 

Sadly, many of the graves got looted over time, and erosion also took its toll on the volcanic caves.

It’s still a captivating landmark with plenty to see above and beyond. Be sure to check out the Tomb of the Witness, an above-ground tomb in the Catacomb of ” the Elders.”

Top Tip

Go early in the day, any day but Tuesday. The catacombs open at 8:30 am and are much more pleasant to visit before it gets too hot.

Tour the Ancient Theatre of Milos

Julianna in the Roman Theatre

Just a short walk away from the Catacombs is another surprising find. A Roman Theatre dating back between the 1st to 4th century AD.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s here. Romans settled in the Cyclades and Milos as far back as 146 BC. 

The Romans used it for hundreds of years until around the 4th century AD. Later, it was used for workshops sometime around the 6th and 7th centuries. 

The free (!) landmark gets overlooked by too many tourists visiting Milos. Take the time to visit, and your reward is walking the 9 levels of pristine white marble steps overlooking the village of Klima below.

Technically speaking, it’s not an amphitheatre as the architecture is semicircular. It’s a massive structure that seats as many as 7,000 people at a time, and there are stunning details around the site.

Pay attention to the pieces around the stage. Although many of the original pieces are not visible, the details etched into the marble are truly amazing.

Luckily for you, recent renovations have improved the safety and appearance of the theatre. You may even get lucky enough to see a live performance while you’re there.


Learn more about the archeology and history of the Roman Theatre on a guided tour.

Shop at Pliatsiko Jewelry Store

Shop details in Klima

You can find some cool souvenirs at this charming store located in one of the classic syrmatas. Walk into the brick exterior in the old boat garage, and you’re greeted by a quaint store with wall-to-wall jewellery and crafts. This is Pliatsiko.

You won’t just find jewellery here, you’ll also find cool earrings, necklaces, and bags. Many have a nautical theme that matches the seaside surroundings. There’s even a boat inside holding many of the trinkets inside (adorable). 

My favourite items I saw included windmills, some cool beach coverups, and ornate sailboats made by hand.

It’s a family-run business with some really cool stuff, so feel free to support the local business. Many of the pieces are made using ancient Greek traditions, and the friendly couple is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The location couldn’t be any more perfect, where you can look out at the harbour and smell the ocean breeze as you shop for gifts for your loved ones. 

Top Tip

Be sure to take your time and look through the entire shop. Even though it’s small, it’s absolutely packed with items in every corner of the room.

Take a Sunset Cruise Around Milos (Including Klima)

The boat we took to Kleftiko

When you visit Klima, it’s all about the beautiful beaches and coves. Can you think of a better way to see them than with a sail around the island? Me either. 

The good news is that I found one of the most spectacular catamaran cruise tours, and it’s also one of the most intimate. There were only 10 people on our boat (instead of the 20+ on similar expeditions).

Now, this is actually a full-day cruise with 7 stops along the way, including a long session at the famous pirate coves along Kleftiko Beach. Our captain was a genius and tucked us into a less popular section as beautiful as the more crowded areas.

But the highlight of the trip is sailing around the Klima Gulf around sunset. Seeing the village and its colourful garages from the water during the golden hour is something everyone needs to experience in Milos.

This offers the best perspective of the boathouses that you can’t capture from land (unless you have a drone). 

Top Tip

Try to plan your cruise for a calm day. Milos gets huge gusts of winds from the north, which can alter your trip plans. 

See the Replica of the Venus de Milo Statue 

Venus de Milo

If you’ve ever been to the Louvre, you’ve likely seen the famous Venus de Milo. How did it get there? The story is so farcical it feels like something from a Hollywood movie. 

A farmer was walking around his land when he unearthed the statue, didn’t quite realise what he found, and let it sit on his property until it was discovered by French sailor Jules Dumont d’Urville. The sailor then brokered a deal with a French ambassador from Turkey.

The statue was almost sent to Turkey, but another French representative intercepted it and convinced both parties to ship it to France. It was shipped to King Louis XVII as a gift, but not before the arms were somehow cut off. High drama, right?

You can visit the spot where it was found around 200 years ago if you head about 2 kilometres north of Klima. 

The Venus de Milo statue here isn’t the original, but the replica itself is pretty cool to see. You’ll get a glimpse of the armless statue perched high above the Aegean Sea just a 5 minute walk from the edge of nearby Trypiti.

Agios Dimitrios Church

After you walk past the row of colourful fishing houses, you’ll run into Agios Dimitrios Church. One of the only buildings in town, you need to climb up a flight of stairs to reach it. 

The Greek Orthodox church might be small on the outside, but it’s charming enough to visit while you’re in Klima. It features classic Cycladic architecture outside, with blocks that step up one after another until it reaches a cupola on top. There’s also a brick bell tower and several white crosses on top. 

Inside, you’ll find beautiful white and blue walls and a small altar with religious paintings adorning the majority of the small interior. 

You’ll only need a few minutes to visit, but it’s a nice place to walk around inside and out.

Know Before You Go: Practical Tips to Plan Your Klima Trip 

Pot of flowers at sunset
  • Pack your swimwear and sunscreen in the summer. Milos gets very hot.
  • Book Klima accommodation in advance, they fill up fast in the summer.
  • If you plan to visit nearby locations such as Sarakiniko or Kleftiko, you’ll want to get there early in the day to avoid crowds.

Typical Cost of Travelling in Klima 

You can stay for around £120 – £158 ($150-$200) daily. Luxury accommodations will cost more, especially during peak travel season. 

How Long to Visit in Klima? 

I recommend planning 1-2 nights in Klima, or you can easily use it as the base for the whole of your Milos trip. 

Best Time to Visit Klima

October is my favourite month to visit Klima, Milos.

Where to Stay in Klima 

Klima is a very small village. You can rent a former fishing house in town, like Blue Horizon Syrma, or stay up or down the coast from Klima proper.

Panorama Hotel (Mid-Range)

Panorama Hotel offers guests a chance to stay in stylish rooms right in the heart of Klima. Enjoy ridiculous views at reasonable prices.

Check Rates and Availability

Skinopi Lodge (Luxury)

The 7 stylish rooms nestled in the cliffside offer unrivalled views of the Aegean Sea. You’ll also have access to the gardens, olive groves, and semi-private beach access below.

Check Rates and Availability

How to Get to Klima? 

Once your ferry arrives in Adamas from Mykonos or Santorini, you can hire a car or ATV and reach Klima in around 15-20 minutes.

PS: Take a peek at my top recommendations on my YouTube video.


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