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Barbados travel guides, reviews and inspiration for your next trip.

When you think of the ideal beach holiday, with diamond clear, shimmering seas and soft sand, Barbados definitely comes to mind.

Beaches and cocktails aside, Barbados offers so many fabulous things to do; endless activities, luxury hotels, a thriving nightlife and an exciting capital.

Here are some of the best places you can visit on your Bajan holiday.

Best Places to Travel in Barbados

Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach is a surfer’s delight, with the dramatic crashing waves that just don’t quit. The surrounding scenery is just what you would expect; towering palm trees, yellow gold sands and of course, that rather temperamental sea.

It’s a great place for a long beach stroll, or just pull up a chair and watch the waves rise, fall and foam. If you’re not a confident swimmer, I wouldn’t suggest going for a swim, the waves may be a struggle to keep up with.


This UNESCO World Heritage capital is a must see location  on your trip to Barbados. The essence of the Caribbean dances through Bridgetowns streets, driven by the rhythm and atmosphere of its vibrant culture.

Expect to see colonial architecture and plantation houses; remnants of Barbados’s colonial past.

Check out the culture of the city at the Barbados Museum or St Michael’s Cathedral. There is plenty of shopping to be done in Bridgetown, you can find yourself in a little boutique or checking out goods at a street stall.

After exploring all day, you’ll want to sit down for a bite, and trust me when I say the food in Barbados is incredible. Expect hearty meals with breadfruit, plantain, fried fish and so much more.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach has got you covered for relaxing on an idyllic beach. Within this area, you’ll find a few small villages and some great resorts and hotels.

One of these hotels, The Crane, was definitely a luxury experience, so good in fact I didn’t want to leave!

Harrisons Cave

For all you adventurers, a trip to Harrison’s Cave is definitely worth adding to the itinerary.

Take a dive into this near magical living cave, where you find crystal pools, flowing streams and magnificent limestone creations, moulded by nature and time.

You can arrange a guided tour of the cave, be sure to wear some comfy footwear though, there is plenty of walking involved.

Carlisle Bay

If you love tom explore marine life, then I would highly recommend a trip to Carlisle Bay.

This natural harbour now lives as a marine park and is the ideal place to explore the ocean and go scuba diving, snorkelling or any other water sport of choice.

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