About Us

The Discoveries Of is a travel blog created by Julianna Barnaby. It’s the go-to resource for smart travellers with a sense of adventure. I showcase hand-picked destinations and unique experiences ranging from restaurant guides to adventure travelogues.

Who Am I?

Julianna Barnaby Freelance Features Writer

I started The Discoveries Of in mid-2016 with one goal: to make travel interesting again. It’s lovely looking at endless pictures of places (Instagram, I’m looking at you), but it’s almost always more exciting actually being there.

I’ve always been obsessed with travelling and started travel writing while I was at university, before moving to the Middle East to work as a journalist. I then spent a little while kicking around the big wide globe, writing about it and generally having a great old time (that’s what I like to remember anyway, the reality was more spending days on cramped buses and missing flights).

When I returned to London at the grand old age of 23, I decided it was time to get a “proper” job and retrained as a lawyer to work in the city. Safe to say, several years and grey hairs later, I left.

I started The Discoveries Of, a travel blog for smart cookies (that’s you) who like to do cool things in awesome places. The End.

Celebrate the Eclectic

At The Discoveries Of, we like to think that travellers are interested in lots of things. Great food, outdoor adventures, out-of-this-world views being a few examples. Generally, the things that made you actually leave the comfort of your own home in search of a new destination in the first place.

So what, am I a luxury travel blogger? An adventure travel blogger? You want to know my game right?

The truth is, sometimes I stay in luxury hotels, at others I camp in a van for two weeks in the middle of the Atacama Desert. Just like you, I’m a bit eclectic, unpredictable and love to explore.

I call it “discerning travel” – doing whatever is most suited to the destination and having the best possible experience while I’m at it. That said, like many people in their thirties who like good wine and cool, crisp sheets, my days of budget-travel are pretty much over #sorrynotsorry

The Discoveries Of was also named as runner-up for Lonely Planet’s Travel Blog of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2017.

Hit the road with me – I think you’ll like the journey.

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