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The Discoveries Of - A Luxury Travel Magazine Created by Julianna Barnaby

The Discoveries Of is an online luxury travel magazine created by Julianna Barnaby. It’s the go-to resource for luxury travellers with a sense of adventure.

Who Are We?

We started in early 2016 with one goal: to make luxury travel interesting again. The luxury travel industry is changing. Some might call it a revolution but we’re happy with the word evolution. Sure, there’s a time and a place for chintz and shoulder-hovering service, but that place isn’t here. At The Discoveries Of, we like to think that luxury travellers are also interested in other things. Great food, outdoor adventures, out-of-this-world views being a few examples. Generally, the things that made you actually leave the comfort of your own home in search of the big wide world in the first place.

A Luxury Travel Magazine

So what exactly is a luxury travel magazine? The Discoveries Of showcases hand-picked luxury destinations, alongside unique experiences ranging from restaurant guides to adventure travelogues. Just like you, we’re eclectic, a bit unpredictable and love to explore. We only write about the places, destinations and experiences that we have tried and loved. Ultimately, we just want to help luxury travellers to make the most of their time on the road, whilst doing it in style.

We think that luxury doesn’t have to mean boring, and, judging from the number of dedicated readers tuning into every article, it looks like you agree.

The Discoveries Of was also named as runner-up for Lonely Planet’s Travel Blog of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2017.

Hit the road with us – we think you’ll like the journey.

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