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Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal travel guides to inspire your next trip.

Nepal is brimming with spirituality and boasts a fascinating culture. It’s home to stunning architecture (some of the best in Asia), sure, but is also a land of adventure – a great place to explore the near-impossible landscapes of the Himalayas.

So whether you’re exploring cities, climbing Mount Everest or are after some more low-key (but still exhilarating) hiking, Nepal’s got you covered.

The Best Places to Travel in Nepal


Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu is unlike any other city you’ll see.

The streets buzz with life and are scattered with temples and ornate statues. Rocked by an earthquake in 2015 – it’s still in recovery. Tourist dollars provide much-needed help with this process.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durbar Square is one of the country’s biggest sights – don’t miss it.

Everest Base Camp Hike

One of Nepal’s biggest challenges, the Everest Base Camp Hike is one of those unforgettable experiences that really are as spectacular as they sound.

Not only are you surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural attractions, but you’re also able to say that you’ve stood on the world’s highest mountain.

During your hike, you can visit some of the quaint villages on your way. The hike predominantly takes place in the Sagarmatha National Park, so keep an eye out for snow leopards, bears and deer.


Bhaktapur is one of the three ancient capitals and unfortunately was severely damaged during the 2015 earthquakes. However, most of the shrines and temples stayed intact, which seems coincidental for a city that’s known as the City of Devotees.

Bhaktapur is less busy than Kathmandu so you can enjoy a relaxed stroll through the streets and squares.

Lalitpur (Patan)

Lalitpur (otherwise known as Patan) is renowned for its beautiful Newari architecture and artisans.

No one comes to Patan without visiting the courtyards, temples and palaces –  they take you on a tour through history through some of the country’s most beautiful architecture. The recently-restored Krishna Temple stands out and is well worth a visit.

Looking for something to bring home? Patan is the place to get intricately handmade, silk saris.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park teems with wildlife and is a great place to see the local animals.

With a low altitude, the climate here is pretty tropical – unusual for Nepal.

The draw of this national park is predominantly the wildlife scene and there are guided tours to help you to explore and understand the park’s unique environs.

Speaking of animals, expect to see Bengal tigers, leopards, rhinos, bears, sloths, buffalo and deer.The rivers are home to freshwater dolphins and crocodiles (stay out of the water)! Not to mention over 500 species of birds.


Travellers are lured to Pokhara for its much-loved combination of tranquil surrounds and outdoor activities.

This really is the place to kick back and get away from it all. Take a nap by the lakes or get your adrenaline going with some white water rafting.

Luxury travellers can bed down in the high-end hotels by Phewa Lake – the area’s also home to some lovely restaurants and shops.


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