We’ve heard of some of Singapore’s more famous culinary exports. Laksa, the Singapore Sling, Singaporean Noodles. But what about some of the less obvious things? Here are three weird foods in Singapore you need to try on your next trip.

To many people, some of the dishes served up in Singapore may sound too weird to taste. If you give these foods a chance, however, you’ll find that many of them are actually quite delicious.

After all, when you travel, ordering regional dishes is a great way to learn more about the local culture. Discovering new things, such as unusual foods, can make for a memorable vacation experience. Here are just a few weird but wonderful foods to try on your next visit to Singapore.

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Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry - Singapore

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Singaporean chefs believe in using as much as of an animal as possible, and fish head curry is a great example of this approach.

To make this dish, chefs simmer a whole fish head, typically from a red snapper, in a pot of coconut milk-based curry sauce.

Tomatoes add some balance and a little acid to the dish. Onions, ginger, garlic, and chiles give the sauce a delicious depth and touch of spice. According to locals, the best parts are the cheek meat and the eyeballs.

Fish head curry is an iconic Singaporean dish, and you can find it in restaurants throughout the city, including Hooked on Heads, Ocean Curry Fish Head, and Muthu’s Curry. If you’re looking for other dishes that feature unusual ingredients, read up on more bizarre local dishes in Singapore.

Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Fuzhou oyster cakes are also known as Fuzhou UFOs because of their spaceship-like shapes.

These deep-fried fritters are stuffed with oysters, minced pork, and prawns and topped with crunchy dried anchovies and peanuts. The fritter batter is made with flour and ground rice to create a crispy exterior when fried.

You can find these tasty treats at Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake and at the Maxwell Food Centre, one of Singapore’s most popular hawker centers. Book an IHG hotel near the Maxwell Food Centre, and you’ll stay just minutes away from delicious food and the best shopping, entertainment, city landmarks, and museums in Singapore.

Durian Ice Cream Sandwich

Durian Fruits for ice cream

Image via Envato Elements

In Southeast Asia, durian has earned the title of King of Fruits, thanks to its combination of intriguing flavor and terrible scent. Many people liken the smell of a durian to that of a dirty gym sock, sewage mixed with gasoline, or Limburger cheese.

However, durian’s heavenly taste boasts a mixture of savory and sweet, with a hint of garlic combined with caramel and whipped cream.

To get past the smell, a durian ice cream sandwich is a great way to try this fruit.

The ice cream, made with frozen pureed durian and sweetened whipped cream sandwiched between two pieces of white bread, is mild in flavor and refreshing in the hot Singaporean climate. Some places that serve durian ice cream include Scoopz, Double Durian Café, and Island Creamery.

If you’re a traveler who loves to discover new things, embrace the local culture, and seek out weird and wonderful foods, add Singapore to your list of must-visit destinations.

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Weird Food in Singapore