It seems a bit odd to start a travel blog at the end of a trip…

After all, most people start blogging about their travels as they are setting off. So they can keep family, friends and loved ones updated as to the progress of their every step along their journey.

No thank you. I do not want to provide you with a blow by blow account of everything that I do while travelling. Nor, I assure you, do you want to read it.

This trip, in which I have spent six weeks travelling in Brazil, Chile and Argentina has been wonderful. By contrast, some parts of it have been dull and tiresome. The time I spent 28 hours on the front seat of a bus alternately staring out of the window, reading and sleeping? Snooze. What about now, where I have 12 hours to kill prior to a flight and a backpack to look after? I’ve spent two hours nursing two glasses of wine and a plate of sushi whilst browsing the internet. Thought not.

I’ve worked as a full-time and then freelance travel writer on and off for the last 11 years.  To say I’ve travelled a lot doesn’t seem like big news. It’s not. But I think that there’s space for just one more travel site. Something a little different.

So here it is, The Discoveries Of. I hope you enjoy it.


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