Secret Bars in London: 12 Speakeasies + Hidden Bars You Shouldn’t Miss

We love a secret bar in London. From Alice in Wonderland-themed bars to chic drinking dens where you can listen to jazz and sip on inventive concoctions, finding a hidden bar in London is a laughably simple task. Finding the very best secret bars is a different matter entirely – these are the ones that you shouldn’t miss.

It’s no secret that us Londoners love a speakeasy.

There simply can’t be any other explanation for the fact that each week seems to see a new hidden bar popping up somewhere in the city.

Still. There’s a wide chasm between the hidden bars in London that blow your mind (and your tastebuds) and those that fail to live up to the hype leaving nothing but a hole in your wallet and a sense of disappointment in your heart.

Skip the mediocre bars. Here are 12 of the best secret bars in London that you need to add to your little black book.

Drink your way around the best secret bars in London with this indispensable guide.

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