M Social Singapore Welcomes First Robotic Employee


Ever wondered what the future of hospitality would look like? M Social Singapore has got it covered as it brings its first robot, AURA, into service.  

The M Social Singapore welcomed the first front-of-house autonomous service delivery robot (AURA) into its service team. AURA delivers items such as fresh towels, bottled water, toiletries and meals to guests’ room. Guests can even dial her for room service.

Situated along Robertson Quay, the M Social Singapore is a lifestyle design hotel. It features 293 rooms and is centred around a sense of camaraderie, community and exploration.

AURA was developed by robot producers Savioke as a technological solution to a shortage of manpower in the hotel industry. M Social Singapore is pioneering the future of hospitality by welcoming AURA onto their team.

M Social see AURA as a progressive and innovative way of increasing hotel productivity. They are achieving this through optimising operations and taking the guest experience to a new level. With AURA’s efficiency, the hotel team will have more time to focus on a personal level of customer service.

“As we innovate with technology and robotics, we must never forget that human touch and hospitality lie at the core of a hotel experience. AURA frees our time to allow us to be more engaged with guests at a deeper level. M Social has a casual vibe that feels authentic and down to earth, allowing people to feel a connection and affinity with it,” says Ms Anne Chong, Director of Marketing Communications at M Social Singapore.

AURA has been programmed to work in busy environments alongside people. She has also been customised to ensure that guests feel comfortable and welcome in her presence. 

“If you put an item into AURA and tell her where to go, she will deliver it and then return to the docking station by herself,” says Steve Cousins, Chief Executive of Savioke.

“AURA can operate and ride in elevators, navigate her way to a guest’s door, let them know that a delivery has arrived (guest phone rings), and then open her lid for guests when they answer the door.”

So, is this the future for the hotel industry? At the moment, AURA only takes a limited number of items to guests’ rooms. However, we can certainly see a world in which robots could replace humans for room service function. What do you think?

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