The House of Minalima: The London Shop Bringing Harry Potter to Life

The House of Minalima is a must-visit for any Harry Potter fan in London. Part-shop, part-exhibition, all wonderful – it’s an adventure into the graphic world of JK Rowling’s famous universe.

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? Who am I kidding – we all know you’re only reading this page because you are low-level obsessed with JK Rowling’s magical character. Perhaps you’ve cemented your love with back-to-back viewings of the brilliant films every Christmas… or is that just me?

Either way, you are going to love quirky London find The House of Minalima in Soho. London is packed with Harry Potter sites – from cool filming locations to sites inspired by the book, but a store dedicated to the graphic world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts? Sign us up!

Here’s what you need to know before you go.

What is the House of Minalima?

The House of Minalima is the brainchild (lovechild?) of Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – two artists who were basically responsible for bringing the world of Harry Potter to life for the much-loved series of films.

The House of Minalima, Soho
The House of Minalima, Soho

The two met on the set of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the rest, as they say, is history. Together they worked on all of the graphic props on the film series, and then again on the recent Fantastic Beasts films.

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You know those wanted posters of Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange et al? That’s their work. The copies of The Quibbler handed out by Looney (ahem Luna) Lovegood? That too. The Marauder’s Map. You guessed it. The iconic newspaper The Daily Prophet? I’m sure you get the picture.

Gilderoy Lockheart - Travel with Trolls
Oh Gilderoy…

The House of Minalima is spread out over four floors – each with a different focus. The top floor explores the graphic world of the Fantastic Beasts films (stop thinking about Eddie Redmayne, stop thinking about Eddie Redmayne… no use, I’m completely thinking about Eddie Redmayne).

Floors 1 and 2 are dedicated to the world of our favourite boy wizard (Harry Potter, obvs) and the ground floor is pretty much the most magical shop in Soho.

Step into the world of Fantastic Beasts
Step into the world of Fantastic Beasts

Keep your eyes open while you’re inside and you will even see a few film props on loan from Warner Bros studios dotted between the different floors.

What started as a pop-up bringing Harry Potter to Soho has turned into one of the area’s not-so-secret treasures – a mecca for Harry Potter fans big and small who go to see the cool work on display and buy their own little bit of the film to bring home with them.

Why Go?

Did I mention there are four floors of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts design pieces that you can not only look at but also buy and bring home? I don’t understand what else I need to say.

Graphic Art from Harry Potter Films
The graphic art is so cool

Prices are on the higher side – but they are iconic pieces after all. There are even limited edition posters and gifts if you really want to push the boat out.

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Practical Tips for Visiting the House of Minalima in Soho

  • Address: 26 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 5DE
  • Opening Hours: 12-7pm daily.
  • According to their website, The House of Minalima tends to be busiest between 12 and 2 and 4.30pm to 7pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (that feels very specific to me but lets roll with it) – so you are better off visiting outside of those times.
  • To be honest, I’ve visited a couple of times, some of them during peak hours and all it takes is a bit of shimmying up the decidedly narrow stairs and you’re good. They do sometimes implement a queueing system when it’s really heaving.
  • Looking for more Harry Potter London highlights? Check out this cool guided tour.

House of Minalima London: Map

Click here for a map of Minalima’s location.

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