As much as there is to see in Granada, Nicaragua the city offers an almost unlimited array of options when it comes to deciding where to eat. From local cuisine like gallo pinto, a rice and bean dish, to high-end fusion cuisine there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

By Sophie Carroll

Top tip: The Calzada area in the centre of town has the biggest selection of restaurants, cafes and street food – so if you’re not sure where to eat in Granada, it’s a good place to start. 

1. The Garden Café

Popular with many tourists visiting Granada, The Garden Café offers a menu full of fresh healthy food options. With a light and artfully decorated setting gives The Garden Café a coffee house vibe not to mention the free wifi (a totally justifiable reason for going for a coffee and staying for lunch).

2. Bar Kanpai

Craving fresh sushi while visiting Granada? No worries, Bar Kanpai is home to the freshest sushi you can find in Nicaragua. Bar Kanpa is owned by a talented Japanese chef who prides himself on serving fresh, authentic sushi rolls to the people of Granada. Take a few moments out to chat to the chef and listen to his tales about his time in Japan and how he ended up falling in love with Granada.

3. El Tercer Ojo

One of the best fusion restaurants in Granada is El Tercer Ojo. Specializing in Asian and Latin fusion cuisine, El Tercer Ojo attracts many tourists not only for the food, but the bohemian atmosphere of the restaurant. Regardless if you have a desire to try the food or not El Tercer Ojo is worth visiting just to enjoy a drink with locals.

4. The Volcano Café

At first glance, The Volcano Café may look like just another café on the streets of Granada, but in fact it’s a bit more special than the others in the city. Located near La Merced Church, The Volcano Café is home to mouth watering quesillo and the only place in Granada where you can receive the traditional drink called “Tiste”- a primitive drink made from clove, cinnamon, toasted corn, and a variety of other spices in milk or water.

5. Street Food

Hard to miss as you walk through Parque Central is the street food vendors run by Granada’s locals. Offering delicious local food to visitors, these street vendors are not to be missed. On every corner, you’ll find a street cart offering one of Granada’s most popular dishes- Vigarón. A salad consisting of fried pork skin, pickled cabbage and mashed yuca served on a plantain leaf is what you’ll find almost every visitor of Granada enjoying while strolling through Parque Central.

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